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WikiIslam:Policies and Guidelines

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User Names and Pages
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Usernames should be chosen appropriately and should not be promotional, misleading, disruptive or offensive or inflammatory in any way.  Userpages are not placeholders or homes for articles and essays. Any such use will result in them being blanked. Personal email addresses should also not be displayed. Active users editors with over 50 constructive edits are welcome permitted to post links on their user-. However, these should also be chosen appropriately and they should try to keep the number of links within 10. User talk pages as long as they are should not be blanked, and other users' messages should not linking to hateful/racist/pornographic be removed or otherwise illegal contentaltered unless a valid reason is provided (e.g. insults, trolling, harassment). All new discussion topics should be given a relevant heading and created at the bottom of the page, below all previous discussions, and all messages should be signed.

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