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WikiIslam:Policies and Guidelines

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==Legal== ===Copyrights===
When using text or images from another website, make sure that the material is not copyrighted. If it is, please ask permission from the original content owner(s) before using it.
Copyright holders may [[WikiIslam:Copyright Issues|contact WikiIslam]] to have their concerns addressed.
The goal of WikiIslam is to create an encyclopedic information source critical of Islam with all information being referenced through the citation of reliable published sources, so as to maintain a standard of verifiability.
It is WikiIslam policy to delete libelous material when it has been identified. This policy applies to living people.
====Subject Guidelines====
If you believe that you are the subject of a libelous statement on WikiIslam, please [[WikiIslam:Contact Us|contact us]] with details of the article and error.
==Miscellaneous== ===Multilingual Sites===
All multilingual sites for WikiIslam are free to evolve separately to the English site in style and content as long as the core guidelines are followed i.e. no politics, no promotion or criticism of other religions/worldviews and no opinions, only referenced facts concerning Islam.
===Pro-Islamic Content===
Due to constant vandalism, disruptive editing, non-compliance with guidelines and a lack of time, we are currently not accepting pro-Islamic submissions. This change is only ''temporary'', and our present list of pro-Islamic articles can still be viewed [[:Category:Pro-Islamic Content|here]]. For debates and general discussions about Islam, please visit a forum (e.g. the [ FFI forum]).
[[Category:Policies and Guidelines]]

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