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The site aims to remain neutral towards other religions, world views, and issues of a political nature, such as immigration, multiculturalism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and also to stay away from extremist, sensationalist or emotional commentary by simply letting the facts speak for themselves.
Contrary to what is sometimes claimed,<ref name="Criticism"></ref> the site [[WikiIslam:Reliable Sources#Sources to Avoid|exhorts editors]] to use non-polemic and scholarly secondary sources, and to attribute statements wherever possible. It makes copious use of authoritative primary and secondary pro-Islamic sources, such as the [[Compendium of Muslim Texts]], [[The History of al-TabariSirat Rasul Allah|sirah]] literature and [[fatwa]]s from some of the most popular mainstream Islamic sites on the net.
It is an international site with editors and contributors from all over the world, and the policies and content reflect this. For example, editors are advised that no region should be given priority over another, and developments concerning Islam in [[Asia]] or [[Africa]] are as important as developments in [[Europe]] or the [[Americas]].

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