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This page welcome new users to WikiIslam and provides some next steps on their journey from reader to editor. If you have been directed to this page by a site administrator, you should read this page and the linked WikiIslam:Required Reading for Editors. Please ensure that you read the entire page and follow the instructions accordingly.


New users should:

Visit the "Required Reading" page

The first thing any user should do at the wiki is visit the "WikiIslam:Required Reading for Editors" page. This page lists several sets of pages which users must read before taking part in major discussions or editing. Doing so will help editors and writers better understand the site's general approach, what is expected from them as contributors, and will also ensure that discussions do not retread issues that have already been covered or waste additional time by arguing points based on false assumptions. Following the instructions on the "WikiIslam:Required Reading for Editors" page is a must for anyone who is seriously considering becoming an editor or contributing to the site in any meaningful way.

Additional notes

With the exceptions of translations, "completed" content written by new editors should not exceed 30KB (page history shows the size). This helps existing editors to review your content and make sure it complies with guidelines before any more new work is done. And, naturally, new users are always welcome to ask for feedback, related to any temporary or sandbox content they have created, on the relevant Discussions page.

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