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This page lists notable editors and contributors of the site with a short bio if available.

Possible columns:

  • Name
  • About them (about their contributions). Include belief system if available.
  • In their own words

The religion or faith system of editors is not mentioned. We have editors from all backgrounds, religious and non-religious.

Currently active

Inactive/Unknown status

  • Sahab (talk | contribs) Crystal Clear action bookmark.png: Sahab is a former Muslim who joined the wiki in April 2009 and became an administrator in 2011. He edited heavily for 5 years, accumulating 47,000 edits (50% of all edits) that touched almost every page on the site, including its policies and guidelines pages. He is the most significant contributor to the site as of August 2014 and basically made WikiIslam into what it is today. He has taken a break for unspecified reasons but says he may return in the future for casual editing. We hope to see him back in full swing again.
  • Al-Qaum: Al-Qaum is a former Muslim. He mostly helped with the news section on the front page (which is currently inactive). Also helped with Persecution and media related pages.
  • Animus
  • Atheistig
  • Farside: The original inspiration behind the site. Farside is the creator of the satirical Farsideology series on Islam and one of the earliest editors of WikiIslam
  • Selfworm (talk | contribs): Was an early contributor and started the QHS (Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars) series
  • Sanitarium (talk | contribs): Administered the site and contributed heavily to female-related articles. She also wrote the Islamic Prophecies series.
  • Careylj
  • Natassia
  • THHuxley
  • Hector‎



Crystal Clear action bookmark.png: An honored editor whose contributions to WikiIslam are exceptional.

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