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This page lists notable, past and present editors/contributors to WikiIslam. A short biography and some brief details of their activities on the site are included when available.

Editors/Contributors (Active )


Claustrum (talk | contribs), User page on the RU wiki   : Claustrum is the administrator of the Russian WikiIslam, the site's first sub-domain, and maintains most of its articles. He has also been of great help providing technical and other invaluable assistance for making sure both the English and Russian sub-domains keep operating smoothly and can support their growing traffic.


Lightyears (talk | contribs): Lightyears created very detailed articles for several different topics including Dhul-Qarnayn. In his own words, he is "not interested in causing people who are happy believing in Islam to doubt their faith," but hopes that his work "will dissuade some Muslims from spreading mistaken claims and flawed arguments about science or mathematical miracles in the Qur’an."


Saggy (talk | contribs): Saggy is interested in issues surrounding the Qur'an and Hadith, such as scientific errors in the Qur'an. He is the creator of the articles Scientific Errors in the Hadith and Lack of Detail in the Qur'an


Axius (talk | contribs): Axius is an atheist humanist from the Americas. He is also the founder and lead administrator of WikiIslam. He has about 18,000 edits (approximately 20% of all edits; the 2nd highest) for various pages, many of them related to maintenance, administration, site interface and help. He is heavily involved in community building and decision-making.

Editors/Contributors (Inactive/Unknown Status)


Sahab (talk | contribs), User's List of Works  : Sahab is a former Sunni Muslim now agnostic from South Asia who joined the wiki in April 2009 and became an administrator in 2011. Although not a Christian himself, his "positive experiences with them have left a lasting impression" and he considers Jesus Christ to be "the height of moral excellence." Politically he is "left-leaning" and responsible for the site's coverage of LGBT issues. He edited heavily for 5 years (from April 2009 to April 2014), accumulating 47,000 edits (50% of all edits) that touched almost every page on the site. He created several hundred original articles, various original media files and templates and many original series that span several hundred more pages. As an administrator, he quality-controlled most of the site's edits (copy-editing, correcting and expanding as necessary), helped with decision-making, guiding newer editors and dealt with many other day-to-day duties. He helped to formulate and write the majority of the site's policies and guidelines, created its easy-to-navigate structure (site map, links, hub/core pages, layered categories, etc.) and helped shape its general direction. Offsite, he helped promote the wiki and networked with others to import several hundred more pages worth of articles (most of these were also copy-edited, corrected and/or expanded by him). In short, he is the most significant contributor to the site as of August 2014 and basically made WikiIslam into what it is today.


Atheistig: Atheistig is (as the name suggests) an atheist with two university degrees in Science. He has a strong interest in science and history, with the former being his profession and the latter his hobby. His interest in Islam lay within the 6th-7th century Syriac and Arabic legends and mythology and how they influenced the author of the Qur'an. Likewise, his contributions were concentrated on legends such as the Alexander Romance, the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus and issues concerning the historicity of Prophet Muhammad.


Al-Qaum (talk | contribs): Al-Qaum is a close friend of Sahab's and also a former Sunni Muslim from South Asia. He is a devout Christian. He mostly helped with the Islam in the News section on the front page (which is currently inactive). Other articles he worked on include the Persecution and media related pages.


Sanitarium (talk | contribs): Sanitarium is an atheist feminist from Australia. She administered the site over several years and contributed heavily to female-related articles. She also wrote the Islamic Prophecies series and recruited other editors such as Sahab.


Farside: Prophet Farside sometimes claims to be the founder of "Farsideology – the ultimate belief system." In reality, Farside is the original inspiration behind the site. He is the creator of the satirical Farsideology series on Islam and is one of the earliest editors of WikiIslam.


Selfworm (talk | contribs): Selfworm is an atheist mathematician and computer scientist. He was an early contributor to WikiIslam and started the QHS (Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars) series which now spans almost eighty pages.


Natassia: Natassia is a Christian. Her contributions to WikiIslam concentrated on Islam's history and its treatment of Christians and Jews.


Khalil‎: Khalil is a former Sufi Muslim now atheist from the Middle East. He left Islam after witnessing a public, Shari'ah-sanctioned beheading. Although no longer a believer in the existence of gods, he retains a deep admiration for spiritual figures such as Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. His contributions to WikiIslam focused on religious violence during Prophet Muhammad's liftime and his relationship with his child-bride, Aisha. He also helped with Arabic analysis within various articles.


THHuxley: THHuxley is a Scientific Deist and a prolific online debater. His work centers around the scientific field and so do his numerous contributions to WikiIslam. He once emailed Dr. William W. Hay concerning the infamous "This Is The Truth" video and received a prompt, personal reply informing him that Hay's beliefs had been misrepresented and his words cut and pasted out-of-context.


Hector‎: Hector is an atheist. Like THHuxley, he is a prolific online debater and most of his contributions to WikiIslam center around the scientific field.


Careylj: Careylj is an ordained Christian minister with a Master’s degree who has studied Islam for over a decade, and has been teaching Islam at the college level for several years. His contributions to WikiIslam focused on Prophet Muhammad's ethics.



Altarbey: Altarbey worked on some Turkish translations.


Rustam: Rustam did most of the work on Russian translations. Other notable Russian editors include: Bruce Lee, Vadim and of course Claustrum (mentioned above).

El Majusi

El Majusi: El Majusi is a Zoroastrian originating from Algeria. He worked on many of the French translations. Other notable French language editors include: Regulus.


Neceseco: Neceseco worked on some Italian translations.


Therider: Therider is responsible for several German translations.


Shrimp: Shrimp worked on several Uzbek translations.


Animus: Animus worked on several Czech translations.

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