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Very useful Islamic sources openly extolling Arab supremacism

Please look into these, they provide very useful sources directly from Sunni Islamic books on Fiqh and from the Hadith on Arab supremacism. Some of these are not currently in the article and should get added.

Yaathre (talk) 11:20, 13 January 2015 (PST)

Sorry, I forgot the password to my first account.

Sunni (Shafi'i) rules on Kafa'a says Arabs are superior to non-Arabs, and Arab men can marry non-Arab women, but non-Arab men cannot marry Arab women. It's in Reliance of the Traveller. There is also a Hadith where Muhammad said Arab is superior to non-Arab, Qurayshi is superior to non-Qurayshi and Banu Hashim is superior to non Banu Hashim, and Muhammad is superior to everyone. Hanafi and Hanbali have similar rules and say that an Arab father can reject a non-Arab man who seeks to marry his daughter just for the reason that he is not Arab.

Shafi'i Madhhab also endorses female circumcision and it is widely practiced by Shafi'i Sunnis, in regions like Kurdistan, southeast asia, and the southern Arabian peninsula. Maliki and Hanbali say that female circumcision is okay and Hanafi just says nothing on it.

Basically from these points of view, Shafi'i is the most extreme Madhhab regarding both race and FGM.

Judaism believes Jews are the chosen people and Sunni Islam believes that Arabs are the best of people. Both similar ideas on racial supremacy.

To this day, Saudi and other Arab countries have these racial laws in their citizenship, a person can only be their citizen if their father is a Saudi Arab, and it is nigh impossible for a non-Arab to become a citizen of Saudi Arabia and most other Gulf States. And it is also nearly impossible for a foreign non Arab to marry a Saudi Arab woman.

Yaathres (talk) 21:19, 23 January 2015 (PST)