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'''''This page is intended for use only to discuss issues directly related to the WikiIslam main page. Please use the relevant [[WikiIslam:ForumDiscussions|forumDiscussions]] for discussions.'''''
::As Axius noted, we already have a section on the front page that generates random interesting articles. If we did have such a section, what would be in it? Things like "Did you know... Muhammad Married and had intercourse with a nine-year-old" would look a lot less professional than simply having it the way we have it know (i.e. a heading, "Muhammad and Aisha", followed by a description). Then there is the issue of maintenance. There is no point in adding to our already long to-do list with things that require a lot of work and/or need constant updating. [[User:Sahab|--Sahab]] ([[User talk:Sahab|talk]]) 00:36, 4 April 2014 (PDT)
== Is the purpose of this website, to be entirely neutral and scientific, Adding content to be biased against Islam, or some combination of the two? Main page ==
I am personally have a Christian, but I have some sympathy for Islam, as suggestion. I have found many Muslim friends who have been quite helpful to me over interesting articles that i cannot see on the years. I have shown them respectmain page, and they have reciprocatedtherefore we cannot fastly reach them. I do not pretend to know what is best for others, any more than I enjoy others pretending to know what is best for myselfExamples: ~The article about Scientific errors and contradictions in the quran and the hadith. I was wondering, is this site meant to ultimately be purely scientific, letting An article about the facts fall where they may, or is it meant to be biased against Islam, preferring to portray views that denigrate Islam whenever possible or convenient? Thanks, miraculous nature of Vigils georgias--[[User:ScottperryEinstein reason|ScottperryEinstein reason]] ([[User talk:ScottperryEinstein reason|talk]]) 1217:5513, 23 June 7 October 2014 (PDT):There's a verse Thanks for the suggestions. Contradictions in the Quran, 5:38 is a very important article but it has been under review for a long time and because of that says a thief's hands should I would think it would not be cut off. Islam cannot be reformed. If one verse is an article we would like to be rejected then link on the whole Quran can be rejectedmain page.:This site focuses on criticism of IslamThe other one (Miracles in Vigils. You can have a good look around first. Start from the [[site map]].:Being biased against Islam ) is probably not a bad thing or something to be ashamed of because Islam itself is biased against non-Muslims like me and you since it says we will all burn in Hell for not accepting it that important (Quran 48:13but still interesting). Your Muslim friends may be nice people but if they think a thief's hands should not be cut off People can get to it through various other means (Quran 5:38)Site map, if they think a wife should not be beaten for disobedience (Quran 4:34page etc), if they dont believe that virgins in Heaven are large breasted (Quran 78:33) then they are not really Muslims and are not believing in actual Quranic verses. They are choosing to reject those verses or defend them Thats my input in some way.:But do tell us what can be done differently or if you have any suggestionscase. --[[User:Axius|Axius]] <span style="font-size:88%">([[User_talk:Axius|talk]] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [[Special:Contributions/Axius|contribs]])</span> 1517:20, 23 June 7 October 2014 (PDT)::Thanks for your frankness. I think I'll try There is only so many articles you can add to insert the full edit, along with cites, that I first started to work on, and see what happensmain page. Regarding hand-choppingThere are 2, there are verses 790 of them in the Bible that say homosexuals, disobedient sons, total and adulterers should all be killed, and Jesus supposedly said that not a "jot" most of the Bible should be disregardedthem are great, but just the same, modern-day Christianity they obviously can't all go there. So we'has'' opted ve limited them to the best/most relevant.  ::The place to reject those verses, yet go to keep otherswhen looking for an article on any site like this one (Wikipedia, and still continues to be a major influence in the worldetc. Christianity has adapted significantly over the centuries), and much of it for is never the betterfront page. It's had a 700 year head-start over Islam. There are also verses in the Quran that say that there is hope for non-Muslims to enter heaven. As with search function or the Bible, both books are filled with contradictions[[site map]]. Personally, as a Christian, I pick and choose which parts resonate with me, and which don'tThat is how you can easily find any page. I think Even without that whether or not most other Christians would admit it, they all do that toothis website goes one better than Wikipedia by linking every single hub page at the bottom of the main page (the errors and contradictions page is also linked there). How many Christians do you know these days that stone all of those "evil-doers" as mentioned above?  ::At any rateFinally, I don't know if I'll be a very good "fit" hereas Axius has already noted, but I'll try a few edits and see what happenspages that are tagged for quality etc. My "debt" to Islam, as a Christianare not front page material, and the Georgics articles you have suggested for the main page is that no less than twice, my life was literally saved by Muslims! Don't ask me why, I couldn't sayalready there. So long as you guys are fundamentally honest about your criticisms against Islam hereIt is on the right hand side, which we shall see, I shall be happy to contribute hereunder "Humor and Satire". Thanks, [[User:ScottperrySahab|Scottperry--Sahab]] ([[User talk:ScottperrySahab|talk]]) 19:3206, 23 June 7 October 2014 (PDT):::Ok. Well that is all good stuff for debate.:::So for your edit [ [[Scientific Errors in the Quran] you would first add it on the Education page (possibly Worldwide section here []) and after that the to main Statistics edit that you made can be restored. Stuff on that page is mentioned , under "Science and sourced in the sub-pagesMiracles. You'll notice though that all the stuff in these Stats pages is quotes "-- and I think thats a problem [[User:AAA|AAA]] ([[User talk:AAA|talk]]) 16:26, 11 December 2015 (for this reason I think the addition will be a challengeEST). But as long as what you put  ==Add==Add [[Wife Beating in cannot be disputed or challenged it could be fine so the more sources you can add the better. Yea try it and we'll see how it looks. In this case case you would need Islam]] to provide proof that these named countries were really main page, under the influence of soviet communism as Muslims would challenge that and say "those countries did it on their own". This is the kind of sourcing we use and its important as you can seeWomen. Another to thing to check is how "far" other Muslim countries are from the high literacy rates (the ones that were not influenced by soviet communism). --[[User:AxiusAAA|AxiusAAA]] <span style="font-size:88%">([[User_talkUser talk:AxiusAAA|talk]] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [[Special:Contributions/Axius|contribs]])</span> 2019:0452, 23 June 2014 11 September 2017 (PDTEDT)
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