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The Wikipedia Content Converter is a utility which automatically wikifies Wikipedia content so it can be used in WikiIslam. Simply copying articles from Wikipedia is not allowed. The purpose of the utility is to maintain links to Wikipedia articles which are not related directly to Islam. It changes Wikipedia content from:

  • [[Chicago]] to : [[w:Chicago]] (this will point to w:Chicago on Wikipedia)
  • [[Chicago|this city]] to [[w:Chicago|this city]]

The w: stands for a link to a Wikipedia article.

Here is a list of common Islamic words that the converter will not convert so the links refer back to WikiIslam's articles relating to these words:

  • Islam
  • Muhammad
  • Quran
  • Muslim

Most variations of these words have been included. If you have any additional words to request from being excluded, please add them to the above list and we will adjust the converter to include these words.