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This is a disclaimer for testimonies of former Muslims that are hosted on WikiIslam. Note that:

  • Testimonies of leaving Islam are candid submissions by former Muslims who have varying experiences and beliefs. After leaving Islam they may turn to agnosticism, atheism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, theism and so on.
  • Like the essays/op-eds, views expressed in a testimony belong to the author and are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. Therefore views contained in these submissions may appear favorable or unfavorable to the reader depending on the nature of the reader's own beliefs.
  • Because these submissions are personal experiences, opinions and thoughts, they may not necessarily comply with the guidelines that apply to most of the other content on the site.
  • The validity and accuracy of the views contained may not have been verified and do not have any connection with the rest of the content on the site.
  • If needed and as time permits, testimonies may have been edited for relevancy, clarity and language issues although such changes are minor.
  • Certain identification details may have been left out by the author or removed by WikiIslam for the safety of the author.