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All pages that have the following characters in their page URL's need to be changed. These characters can be replaced with dashes or spaces:

Character Old Title Action needed Desired new title
Brackets: ( ) Islam and Freedom of Speech (Links) Remove brackets, use dashes for seperation Islam and Freedom of Speech - Links
Apostrophe: ' The Origins of the Qur'an Remove apostrophe The Origins of the Quran
Double quotes: " Hezbollah Calls Burning the Qur'an a "Crime" Remove quotation mark Hezbollah Calls Burning the Quran a Crime
Colon and semi-colon: : ; Responses to Apologetics: Muhammad and Aisha Remove colon, replace with dash Responses to Apologetics - Muhammad and Aisha
Commas: , Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Slavery Remove commas (apostrophe and colon also removed) Quran Hadith and Scholars - Slavery
Question mark: ? Was Muhammad a Lesser Prophet than Moses or Jesus? Remove question mark Was Muhammad a Lesser Prophet than Moses or Jesus

The new title should be chosen so the above characters are not used. New pages will be created and {{page_title|The Existing Page Title}} will be used to set the page title. Old redirects can be deleted.


  1. When you visit a page, click "What links here" and open that link in a new window. This will show existing links to that page.
  2. Make a {{page_title|}} variable for a certain page that contains the existing page title as it is and insert it at the top of the page.
  3. Move the page to a new clean title that doesnt have the above characters.
  4. Use the list of links in step 1, to see where you have to update the links for that page. Use the format [[URL name|Page Title]] for linking.

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