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Mediawiki:Usingoursite (Advice on using our site) and Mediawiki:Termsofservicepage (WikiIslam:Advice on using our site)

This page contains some advice on how to use our site, responses to some common allegations and general advice on debating.

Some of these issues are addressed in our FAQ page but are repeated or addressed here in detail for convenience.

Responses to common allegations

  1. "WikiIslam is an Islamopobic/anti-Islamic/hate site"
    First of all the concept of Islamophobia is an invalid concept that has been rejected by many notable people. Never has there been a need to define a concept like Christianphobia or Hinduphobia. The criticism of a religion or any concept for that matter can be an intellectual pursuit depending on the quality of the criticism and does not imply a phobia. At WikiIslam we have strict quality standards that we strive to adhere to. We cite our sources, most of which are authentic Islamic sources themselves. See our FAQ for further detail on this issue.
  2. "A wiki is not a reliable source"
    The fact that a website is a wiki does not negatively effect the reliability of the site, a characteristic which is actually determined by standards of quality that have to be adhered to. We also have pending changes protection which protects the website from unauthorized changes.
  3. "Hadiths and other sources at WikiIslam are false"
    It is expected that content on WikiIslam will be challenged by some people. Due to this reason citing sources is taken seriously at WikiIslam. Our sources are cited in detail and can often be cross-checked. All Islamic sources are authentic. Please see our help page on citing sources as an example of the requirements we have for citing sources.
  1. "Its an anti-Islamic or hate site":
  2. "Its a wiki so its not reliable information": We have a moderation system that prevents new users from putting in incorrect information. Every edit is monitored for accuracy. We are a facts-based website and require references for everything.

General advice on debating

  • It is critical to quote sources (Quran, hadiths, scholars, news sources, statistics) as much as possible. The defendant will try to change the topic, cite another source or try to invalidate the source you quoted. Stick to the original quote that you used and repeat the quote. The onus is on the defendant to prove that a certain source is false in some way.
  • To preserve your energy, spend less time in lengthy subjective reasoning.
  • There will often be denials that reject what a verse or hadith is saying.
  • Repeat issues that have not been responded to
  • When you're trying to make a specific point, copy paste the link to the article you want the reader to see and quote the reference that we use. In many cases, you may see people making all kinds of excuses to reject the link because it is anti-Islamic or a hate site, or a wiki. When you make a link to an article on our site, as a preventative measure, tell the reader right away that they cannot reject the argument simply because its an anti-Islamic site. The references used are reliable. No one can expect to find criticism of Islam on a Muslim website.

Things to watch out for during a debate

  • Changing the topic
  • Citing another source in attempt to invalidate your source. Remember that Quran and Hadith cannot be invalidated by citing another source.
  • "Out of Context": This is an invalid excuse. All sources are cited in context unless proven otherwise with evidence.
  • Personal attacks (Ad Hominem): Refrain from responding to personal attacks with more personal attacks. Ignore these attacks and remind the defendant that personal attacks are an admission that they have lost the argument. Report attacks to moderators if they are available.
  • Off-topic discussions: If possible, report off-topic posts that are attempts to side-track the discussion.

- advice, how to use this site in debates (), common types of attitudes seen from the other side and how to deal with it, rejecting a link because its a wiki, anti-Islamic or hate (also link to FAQ, or summarize those questions)