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Battle Year Place Country Combatants Casualties Remarks

Ridda Wars
First Fitna
Second Fitna
Zanj Rebellion

Ottoman–Mamluk War 1485–91

Ottoman–Mamluk War 1516–17 13,000+[1]

First Rohilla War 1773–1774 Rohilla Pashtuns vs. Nawab of Awadh + British
Second Rohilla War (temporary) 1794
Ottoman-Saudi war 1811-1818 Ottoman Empire, Egypt Eyalet vs. Emirate of Diriyah 16,000 Many settlements were pillaged and civilians were persecuted.[2]
Egyptian–Ottoman War 1831-1833 3262+[3]
Egyptian–Ottoman War 1839-1841

Sheikh Said rebellion 1925 Turkey 15,000[4]–250,000
Saudi-Yemini War 1934 2100[5]
North Yemen Civil War 1962-1970 100,000–200,000
Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 200,000-1,200,000
Algerian Civil War 1991-2002 44,000–150,000

Ottoman Civil War 1403-1413

Ottoman Civil War 1481-1482

Ottoman-Druze War 1585[6] More to add from this source

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