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About this task

This tasks involves creation of articles from posts on the FFI forum. This job involves copy paste and formatting for the large part but it may also involve you reading various posts and combining them, improve the write up or doing whatever it takes to create a good article from the posts.

Main link: Useful posts: new forum, old forum

The Quran

  • Hamed vs FFI: A Copy-Paste of an editorial about the Mathematical miracles in the Koran specially the significance of the number 19: [[1]]
  • CroMagnon from FFI: debunks the Mathematical significance of the number 19 in the Koran: [[2]]

Origins and history

19 & Khalifa


Miracles and foreknowledge in Islam



  • Black Fire in Hell[3]

Help Guide for Importing Articles

Please see the "Saving your work" section first to prevent data loss. Directions below for saving your work are given by the initials SYW.

  1. Decide whether a source (forum post or collection of posts by the same or different authors) can be made into an article.
  2. Sometimes the job may be a simple copy/paste. In other situations you may need to copyedit the content to varying degrees depending on the quality of the original content.
  3. Decide on the Title of the article. Dont use all-caps or keep it too long. If you're not satisfied with the title, coming up with alternate titles can help you narrow down the choice. If you're still not satisfied, its ok. A better title can always be decided later. Move on to content writing with the current title. A new blank wiki page with your chosen title can be created using the text box in the Help page.
  4. Look at the source (in the forum) and how long it will be in the end. What different sections could the article have? Section headings on the wiki can be marked with two equal signs (==Heading==)
  5. Start copy pasting text from the source (forum). When you have everything in, SYW and start formatting it:
    1. Divide the content into appropriate section headings using two equal signs. Do a 'preview' to see how it will look like.
    2. Are there any Quran or hadith references or quotes from other sources? Use templates for those. See the WikiIslam:Citing Sources for help on how to do that and for making references with footnotes.
    3. Link important concepts or terms that exist on the wiki for example Quran, Muhammad and so on. Link these general terms only for their first occurence on a page.
    4. Proof reading: do a spell and grammar check. If you use a Firefox browser, it has a built in spell-checker. SYW.
  6. Do a preview to check on the section headings. Usually in the end of an article you will have these sub-sections: See Also (for related articles), References (to get all the footnotes)
  7. Can any categories be used at the end? Look at related articles on the wiki. They might have some categories that you can use. Use new categories if you think they're justified and can be used in the future for other articles.
  8. Go back once more to the original source (forum) and compare your article to the source. Make sure you didnt miss anything.
  9. You're done! Now link the article on relevant places on the wiki from existing articles. Announce your new article in Site news page when its complete.

Saving your work

Saving your work is very important. Sometimes errors happen due to various reasons and the internet browser may lose your hard work. This simple rule will help you avoid this situation:

  • Whenever you think you have done a sufficient amount of work in the browser, select all the text and copy it into Notepad. This is specially important when you are about to Submit the article to the wiki to save it as a page. Therefore periodically saving your work in Notepad is a great way to make sure your work will not be lost in case of a computer error. If you have problems with electricity blackouts, save the notepad on your computer with a filename. You can also save the title of your article so if anything happens, you'll be able to copy paste that too.