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Videos from popular websites and MP3 audio files can be directly embedded into WikiIslam.


Videos from the internet can be posted on WikiIslam using a specific video tag and a video ID, which is a series of numbers or letters usually found in the URL of the video. Video tags can be used for YouTube, Google Videos, LiveLeak, MySpace, Blip TV, Metacafe, LiveVideo, DailyMotion, Muhammad Tube, and IFilm videos. Here are some examples:


For a large video: <youtube2>gN7DjOp5zN8</youtube2>

Google Video


If your Google video is not working: Currently Google does not follow consistent formats for publishing its Videos. Use a dash (-) at the beginning of the Google video code, if your video does not work correctly with just the number
e.g: <googlevideo>-2439999165547892433</googlevideo>

IFilm Video


MySpace Video


LiveLeak Video

<liveleak>bba_1184217341</liveleak> (shows this video)

Blip TV

This video is a little harder to embed:

  1. From the BlipTV embed code options, copy the code from the MySpace option and paste it into your text editor (Notepad e.g.)
  2. 3 parameters must be extracted from the embed code itself. These are the width, height and the name of the FLV file. They're all visible in the code itself.
  3. Note that the main parameter ends with the .FLV extension and must be included
  4. Make sure to follow this format or else the video will not work.

Example: <bliptv width="360" height="202">Hotair1-JihadWatchImmigrationJihadFlash258.flv</bliptv> (shows this video)


<metacafe>556722/al_qaeda_in_iraq</metacafe> (shows this video)
Make sure not to include the trailing '/' at the end


<livevideo>4801C093A6EB49DB9465BC18E033BFB0</livevideo> (shows this video)
Click on "Get Codes" and get the ending part of the URL after the "CID". Use this as the tag input.


<dailymotion>2JaZZM8SuxCS9468l</dailymotion> (shows this video)

Muhammad Tube


  1. Go to the Motube video page you want embed, e.g.:
  2. Copy code from "Embed code", into notepad e.g.:
    <embed src="" width="320" height="256" bgcolor="FFFFFF" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="false" wmode="transparent" flashvars="file= &backgcolor=FFFFFF&stretching=fill&skin= &autostart=true&fullscreen= &logo= &icons=false&link="></embed>
  3. Get the values of the FILE and LINK variables and use them in the following way:
    <mtube file="" link=""></mtube>


MP3 audio files can be linked using the tag mp3, which encloses the MP3 link of the file you want to play within the page. For example:


This will produce this embedded player with an icon link for the download:


Usage guidelines

When embedding a video, make sure to provide a short summary or overview of the video above the video. Only exceptional videos should be embedded directly into a page. Other videos can be linked in external links like normal links.