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Database compaction is performed periodically on the site to reduce the size of the database. This removes page revisions and only the last revision of a page is stored in the database. In other words, after a database compaction, earlier revisions of pages cannot be accessed. The creation date of a page is also lost.

Past dates for database compaction
  • October 2012
  • August 2008

Links for deleted pages or pages that contain revisions

List old revisions that may need to be accessed in the future. The following revisions should be saved into a sandbox page (WikiIslam:Database Compaction/Sandbox) before performing database compaction:

Deleted pages

These pages may need to be restored temporarily in case restoration/reuse is required later. Save these in a temporary sandbox

Temporary Sandbox

This page contains restorations of deleted revisions or pages. All deleted content can be dumped here at the time of database compaction: