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FAQ for Prospective Editors

Move questions from: WikiIslam:Frequently_Asked_Questions#Contributing

  • Why should I join this site?
    • We are one of the best websites relating to criticism of Islam. Please take a look at what people say about us. Currently we get visited by about 5000 people daily.
  • I'm not good at computers and I don't know how to edit pages.
    • Wiki editing is easy. See this cheatsheet which shows you how easy it is to format text. You can also edit a page and see the code to see how a certain part of text was formatted.
  • Is it safe to work on this site?
    • Yes, all you need is an anonymous username. Account creation is very simple and only takes a minute. You do not even need an email address (unless you want email functionality).
  • I have a question but it is not answered here.
    • Leave a message on the forum and we'll be glad to help you out.
  • Who can I contact for questions about editing or other difficulties?
    • See above