The Root of Terrorism a la Islamic style

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By: Abul Kasem



This article investigates the very application of terror tactic that was used some fourteen hundred years ago by the very first Jihadists of Islam to gain booty and become quick-rich through plunder. The main purpose of this essay is to probe whether a direct link exists among the Modus Operandi of the Jihadists of Muhammad’s time and their counterparts of today. In all, one hundred (100) cases of armed conflicts were investigated for their cause, timing, venue and the principal actor/s involved. The finding of this detail investigation is quite disturbing indeed; mind-numbing one may say. This exercise establishes, without any doubt whatsoever, the uncanny similarities that exist between those Islamic fighters of Muhammad’s time and their counterparts of today. It is also found that except for two or three, all other cases of armed conflict were due solely to the aggressive terrorist acts of the Muslim perpetrators. It was invariably the Islamic Jihadists who usually initiated the conflict, in many cases without any plausible reason/s and/or without or slightest provocation. The result of these terror tactics was that the participant Muslims engaged in unbound savagery that often included gratuitous murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing, revenge killings, political assassinations, and in many cases, simply plain plunder and armed robbery. Muhammad followed this path of terror and pillage to reward his followers with easy and handsome booty, land, other goods and material benefits. The exercise of terror and its concomitant gain made the early Jihadists rich, self-supporting and this was crucial in the establishment of the authority of Islam in the entire Arabian Peninsula. Please make no mistake about it.

Most biographers of Muhammad dealt at length with a handful of well-known wars that were fought between Muslim soldiers and the infidels’ trained army. These major combats or wars number around thirteen in all and they are well documented by many historians. Nonetheless, it is the so-called minor or the so-called small-scale skirmishes that stand out as the most important events to expose the true scale of savagery, cruelty, barbarism, unbound greed, treachery, guile and lasciviousness of the early converts of Islam-this, truly is a surprise discovery and is the well-kept secret amongst Islamists. It is rather sad to note that very few biographers/historians have attempted to investigate in detail these ‘small’ or ‘insignificant’ acts of terror.

Many cruel Sha’ria or Islamic laws were formulated based on the examples set by Muhammad and his followers during those violent armed conflicts/terror campaigns. Plenty of Qur’anic verses also relate to these combative events. Since Sha’ria laws and the Qur’an are absolutely immutable and valid for eternity, therefore, there is no hope that any harshness of these Islamic ‘divine’ laws can ever be diminished by reform or through peaceful means.

This prolix article is based on information culled mainly from impeccable Islamic sources. We must first of all, realize that these ‘immaculate’ information were of course, carefully censored, filtered, cleaned, sanitized and any ‘bad’ and/or the ‘horrendous’ elements surgically removed before they were made public. Even then, we find enough mind-boggling, terrible, barbaric and utterly indigestible events/information buried deep inside those authentic Islamic books. If true freedom of information was practiced and no Islamic censorship was in place, imagine what would have been the content of un-sanitized, un-censored version of these Holy resources! A really worrying find of this study is that the latest English translated versions of the compilation of Sahih Ahadith have been organised by ‘clinically’ removing those ‘bad,’ ‘terrible’ and ‘horrendous’ Ahadith that make Islam look indeed, a religion of terror and Bedouin barbarism. To gather the truth one must refer to the original Sahih Ahadith and their original translated versions. This latest attempt of ‘surgery,’ truly, is a clever ploy by the modern ‘doctors’ of Islam to fool and beguile the world-now that everyone harbours absolute doubt that Islam is a religion of peace.

Finally, this study leads the author to the opinion that Islam and terrorism are completely inseparable. The root of terror a la Islamic fashion is in the divine command itself. It is deeply entrenched in the preachings, commands, injunctions, inspirations, practices and the examples set by Muhammad and his contemporary followers, who lived by the sword and used it as the most potent weapon to subdue their adversaries who happened to cross their path. If a Muslim follows the ‘Real Islam’-the unadulterated, pure Islam preached and practiced by Muhammad, he can’t but be a terrorist-plain and simple.

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