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Comment on the claim that "FGM is also a problem in Christian majority countries"

These comments were made here by a Google+ user named PyrrhoVonHyperborea:

1:23 no, Aslan, you don't seem to know what "factual [in]correct" means, dipshit!

... it may have the character of an attorney's twist, but stating that it's an "Muslim country's problem" actually secures his statement against exactly your incoherent objection! - it may still be flawed, be questionable, as it may make insinuations (!) about it being a problem of Islam itself, but that is not what it says; you would have to start your sentence along the lines of "that may factually (!) be correct (!), but [yadayadayada]" - then you could still work in the objection that Eritrea was Christian and doing that also, and thus shame Maher!

Learn to deal with language, or refrain yourself from writing books, dips##t! Guess I can cross your "Zealot"-book off of my "to-read" list; people that deal with language with as much care as a raging bull in a china shop give me a headache! ... Well... so much for that Christmas-wish...

on a second thought... that eritrea remark was even a plain out lie... first off, it's only christian for about 50% of the poluation; a majority still, but please put things into perspective, will you? - 48% is still muslim! aaaaand, the kicker actually: Eritrea BANNED female genital mutilation, you f##kin dimwit!

Ehtiopia (63% vs 34%): fgm least common in the regions Gambela (less than 5% muslims) and Tigray (4% muslims) most common in Dire Dawa (70% muslims), Somali (97% muslims), Afar (95% muslim), Oromia ( 48 / 48 split), Harari (69% muslim) You used the word "empirically" - not sure what that means in your mouth, but I am pretty sure it does not mean what you think it does! - in regions with vast majorities of christians, the custom seems way less likely, in regions with muslim majority it seems much more likely, which constitutes a trend ( * ), and if you did any empirical analysis you'd see that trend, which begs the question: did you not do that, and just pulled that out of your arse, Arslan, or are you deliberately lieing to the audience faces?

One thing is for sure: I just lost all respect I had for that clown!

( * ) oromia being the one "exception" (not even totally) which does not constitute a statistically relevant [counter]trend! And is it actually an exception? - it's percentage of Christians is below the countries average; so fgm being an issue there more than in other regions again could be attributed to the muslim influence. But the only thing that is really sure about this fluke-region is, that a 48/48 split does not grant any explicit data for either claim!

1:37 "nowhere else in the muslim / muslim-majority states is female mutilation an issue" .... What the f##k! That guy really lies through his teeth... can someone please make that disgusting dishonest piece of shit shut up?!?

this level of dishonesty gives me the chills

citing youtube video

I've tried citing a video on youtube (which documents the 'circumcision' of a one and half-year old girl). But when I save the changes I get:

"Something went wrong The text you wanted to save was blocked by the spam filter. This is probably caused by a link to a blacklisted external site. The following text is what triggered our spam filter:".

It's not an essential citation - the article can do without it - but I'd like to know the policy and details of blacklisted sites. I've searched the 'editing help' and can't find anything on blacklisted external sites or youtube.