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Categorization and additional information

Currently it is possible to read reports of the persecution of Ex-Muslims as listed by Country, which is great. I would like to choose by degree/severity of persecution. In other words, instead choosing a country, a reader could choose by topic...



  • (Sentenced and Executed)
  • (Sentenced only)

Deaths by other than State

  • (Any deaths not State related)

Assaulted with major injury

Assaulted minor or no injury

Loss or destruction of property

Harassment continued or one time incident?

Indirect persecution - Loss of job, forced to relocate, etc

The idea is to categorize by degree of persecution and by whom.

I will get back to my reading now.

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Good idea. I moved your comment here and added the Article task template. The issue will be the availability of the above information. Many times its not available.
I think what should be done is to look at the links, see what kind of information is available in most cases, how it can be categorized and how to deal with extra but useful information that is available in only some cases or information that cannot be categorized and in that case it can be displayed in a "misc" type column. --Axius (talk | contribs) 07:05, 10 January 2016 (EST)