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Possible Additions

Add links here to articles concerning possible converts. Once they are confirmed, add to the main list. Use/find better sources when possible.

  • Willie Ray Bryant: Inmate pleads guilty to threatening judge
  • Carnita Matthews: Muslims Caught Using Deception
  • Douglas McCain: [1], fought for ISIS. Converted to Islam in 2004
  • Sally Jones (Sakinah Hussain): [2], went to join ISIS
  • [3], [4] - man tried to convert people and beheaded a co-worker (confirm using reliable sources)
  • Michael Zehaf-Bibeau - Shooter in Canada: "It isn't clear when or why, but at some point Zehaf-Bibeau converted to Islam, U.S. officials said." ([5])
  • Zale H. Thompson - Attacker With Hatchet who attacked police officers in NY - [6] - "After speaking with Mr. Thompson’s relatives, authorities determined that he had converted to Islam two years ago."
  • Abu Rumaysa - ISIS supporter. Converted from Hinduism. [7]
  • Christopher Lee Cornell - converted to Islam. Planned attacks. [8]
  • Damian Clairmont, from Canada. Converted to Islam, joined ISIS and was killed [9]
  • Jake Bilardi (Muslim name is Abu Abdullah al-Australi). Convert from Australia was a suicide bomber for ISIS. [10]
  • Elton Simpson - Alleged Shooter Elton Simpson in Garland, Texas Terror Attack a Radical Muslim Convert
  • Delshaun Young and 22-year-old Muhammad "Mo" Dakhlalla - [No bail for couple accused of trying to join Islamic State]
  • Add Amanda Korody below existing 'John Stewart Nuttall' - [11]
  • Robert C. McCollum (Amir Said Abdul Rahman Al-Ghazi) [12]
  • Ibrahim Anderson: Guilty of promoting Islamic State (IS). [13]