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The Arrivals

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==Why The Arrivals is False==
*[[Islam]] says one of the way Dajjal controls people is through music. It's ironic how Arrivals has non-stop music, even when quoting [[Qur'an|Qur'anic]] verses.
*Islam says Dajjal will come at the end of time. Arrivals say it is already here. Therefore it goes against Islam. *George Bush said “The Arrivals was made by the [[IraqShiites|Shiites]] was a biblical war against Gog and Magog”.<ref>Ali Yenidunya - who have different [[{{Reference archive|1=|2=2011-09-19}} George W. Bush: Iraq Was a Biblical War Against Gog and Magoghadith]] - Enduring America, May 27, 2009</ref> He also believes in Antichrist and Illuminati, and thinks Muslim countries are controlled by Dajjal, just like Muslims think western countries are controlled by Dajjal. Muslims who believe in this stuff are just as irrational as George Bush.
==What The Qur'an Says==
==See Also==
*[[{{Hub4|Terrorism]] ''- A hub page that leads to other articles related to |Terrorism''}}*[[{{Hub4|Conspiracies]] ''- A hub page that leads to other articles related to |Conspiracies''}}
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