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Islam in the News - April 2013

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Saudi Arabia: Religious police arrest 15 girls at mixed-sex cocktail party
{{Quote|1=[{{Reference archive|1=|2=2013-04-30}} Six arrested from Islamist cell in southern Italy]<BR>AGI, April 30, 2013|2= Italian carabinieri remanded into custody six suspects in an investigation into international terrorism and incitement to racial hatred. The Bari public prosecutor's office issued the arrest warrant targeting an Islamist cell operating in Italy's Apulia region and abroad. The cell was found to have close links to international terrorists and is characterised by keen antisemitism and a bitter dislike for "infidel" countries such as Italy and the United States. The raid carried out by a special task force in Apulia yielded evidence of "widespread proselytic activities and the indoctrination of new members", including audiovisual material inciting jihad and suicide attacks in the West and in "war zones". .}}
====Saudi Arabia: Religious police arrest 15 girls female university students at a mixed-sex gender cocktail party====
{{Quote|1=[{{Reference archive|1=|2=2013-04-30}} Crime: Serial rapist sentenced to death in Saudi]<BR>Emirates 24/7, April 30, 2013|2= 15 Saudi girls arrested at cocktail party

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