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The Ultimate Message of the Qur'an

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Finally, what does the The last revealed chapter of Islam’s holy book have the Qur'an has little to offer the world? The answer is nothing but , other than antagonism. Prophet Muhammad ordered expeditions even from his death-bed. The activities of his followers including the four rightly-guided caliphs were constricted chiefly into invading nation after nation and establishing Islamic states all over the invaded lands. Thus Islam can fairly be called coercive, expansionist and imperialistic - ironically, some common smears hurled at the West by many modern Muslims (who are thereby guilty of ''hypocrisy'' - yet another choice complaint). Words followed by the actions of Muhammad's followers speak much louder here. Muhammad, the founder of Islam, could never clearly did not envision a non-violent, just world where members of all faiths would live a peaceful co-existence. Rather, he was driven with a virulent lust for domination. His words “There will always be a group in his community of believers that are dominant over infidels” reveals how it is impossible for Muslims to envision peacehighlights this. An ideology stuck in a certain backdrop of history where killing and subjugating others in the name of religion had been made legal by divine dictations can never bring peace to the world. If it was intended for peace, Allah shouldn’t have revealed his last words coated in blood.
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