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The Ultimate Message of the Qur'an

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“''There will always be a group in my community (Muslims) dominant over others''" (Muhammad’s Islam is supposed to be dominant over all other faiths and their adherents. This notion is flowing out here as Muhammad uses the word “dominant”) "''Allah will turn some people away from truth''" (i.e. Islam) "''so, my community of believers will fight them''" Muhammad speaks of this as a incessant process which should inevitably carry through to the end of times with a blessing of war booties to the holy fighters. If there still remains a claim to context for verse 47:4 of the Qur'an (which spews pure violence and hatred against disbelievers to the point where Allah deems it necessary to pinpoint the body part of an unbeliever which believers should attack); claimants should admit that they are going against their own cherished sources and their own cherished scholars, not modern apologetical pseudo-scholars, but true scholar who lived close to Muhammad’s period and have been (and still are) hailed as the most reliable among Qur'an interpreters, or admit the fact that the Qur'an does prescribe perpetual violence against those who don’t believe in Allah and Muhammad.
==== Summary ====
From verse 47:4, two conclusions can be made:
#Muslims cannot cease fighting even after they win a war. Rather, they should look for other ways in which to shed more blood.
#This fight should continue until the day of resurrection, as Mujahid stated believers cannot stop fighting until the end of times. (The very reason Allah stipulates the limit as “until war sheds its burden”). This will be looked into further, with additional material from authentic Islamic sources.
=== Surah 9, Ayah 29 ===
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