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For tempalte coding
|name = Warchivenav
|title = Wikipedia:Archiving Templates
|state = {{{state|autocollapse}}}
|above = [[Help:Archiving a talk page]]

|group1 = Main articles
|list1 =

|group2 = Linking to archives<br />"Archive boxes"
|list2 = {{tl|archives}} (simple but configurable){{,}} {{tl|archive box}}{{,}} {{tl|archive box collapsible}}{{,}} {{tl|My talk archives}} (talk pages)

|group3 = Navigational templates<br /> "Header bars"
|list3 = {{tl|Aan}} (automatic archive navigator, does not need parameter){{,}} {{tl|Atn}} (navigate through sequential pages, does not need parameter){{,}} {{tl|Talkarchivenav}} (combines {{tl|talkarchive}} and {{tl|atn}}){{,}} {{tl|Archive nav}} (dynamic, needs parameter){{,}} {{tl|Archive-nav}} (static, needs parameter, use {{tl|Archive number}} to custom number<br />Other: [[:User:Backslash Forwardslash/nav]]

|group4 = Archive notice bars<br /> "Headers"
|list4 = {{tl|Talkarchive}} (basic){{,}} {{tl|Talkarchivehist}} (with historical links){{,}} {{tl|Topical talk archive}} (topical){{,}} {{tl|Chronological talk archive}} (time based){{,}} {{tl|Archiveme}} (to-do item){{,}} {{tl|Archiving}} ("in progress" notice)

|group5 = Archive sections of page
|list5 = {{tl|AfC-c}} (articles for creation - collapse) {{,}} {{tl|Archive top}}{{,}} {{tl|Archive bottom}}{{,}} {{tl|Hidden archive top}}{{,}} {{tl|Hidden archive bottom}}

|group6 = Automated bot based archiving
|list6 = MISZABOT: [[User:MiszaBot/Archive HowTo]] {{,}} CLUEBOT: [[User:ClueBot III#How to archive your page]]{{,}} HBC Archive Indexerbot: [[User:HBC_Archive_Indexerbot#Instructions]]

|group7 = Non-talk pages
|list7 = {{tl|Archivemainpage}}{{,}} {{tl|archive}}

|group8 = Specifically user talk pages
|list8 = {{tl|UserTalkArchive}}
|below = ''See also:'' [[:Category:Archival templates]]


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