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Character of Muhammad

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== Honesty ==
Lots of Muslims say "our prophet was a very honest man, he was renowned for his honesty in Mecca, Khadija proposed to him because of his honesty" et. al. This is hard to believe. Muhammad was very poor. How many rich women in the world choose a man because of his honesty and not his wealth or his earning capacity? How many Muslim women choose a bridegroom like Khadija did? By the way, how many Muslim women choose a bridegroom? Muslim women are starved of choices and decision making. [[Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Women|Women's suppression in Islam]] is a popular reality.
Muslims also try to cite sources like this questions site did.<ref></ref> This URL gives two citations for Muhammad's honesty and you find both of them false on a thorough search.

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