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99 names of Allah

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I hope this thread and these references is okay. Feedback is welcome.
====One name is enough to raise a thousand questions and probably defeat Islam====
The Qur'an terms Allah as the best of deceivers(khayru al-makireena). For the obvious reasons, this name is not there in the above list.
{{quote |{{Qtt|3|54}}|
It is quite likely that Allah has been always deceiving everybody including Muslims since this is a superlative ("best of deceivers"). More details [[Allah the Best Deceiver|here]]. The 13th sura even goes ahead and states that all deception is by Allah.<ref>[ AYAH ar-Ra`d 13:42]</ref>
This is highly likely that Muhammad was receiving verses from Satan instead of Allah. In Christianity, Satan is a known deceiver and God cannot be a deceiver<ref>See this debate:</ref> In its compatibility with this theory, the Qur'an never told its readers properly how to identify Satan.

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