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Questions to Ask About Islam

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Qur’an: wikilink because everyone doesnt know this word meaning
# Muslims claim no-one can produce a single chapter like the Qur'an, but is there anything extraordinary, for example, about chapter 108<ref>"''Lo! We have given thee Abundance; So pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice. Lo! it is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity.''" - {{Quran|108|1-3}}</ref> and its three short ayahs?
# Muslims do not know what the Qur'an verse "[[Muqatta'at|Alif Lam Mim]]" means. So what was the point of putting it in the Qur'an?
# The earliest found Qur'an did not have [[w:Arabic diacritics|diacritical marks]],<ref>Samuel Green - [ The Different Arabic Versions of the Qur'an] - Answering Islam, July 16, 2010</ref> so how can you say the Qur'an is uncorrupted?
# Is it possible to open a random page in the Qur'an and not find a verse of violence in there?
# If Allah knows everything, why did he make the Qur'an so ambiguous? Did he want Muslims to spend their spare time trying to figure out its meanings?

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