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Questions to Ask About Islam

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Qur'anists: from the humor version. we need this thing here too.
# One can be a Muslim their entire life without ever meeting a "Qur'anist". So why are there so many of you on the net?
# Why accuse the Sunnis and Shi'ites, who've been following hadith for 1000+ years, of innovation, when it's you who's the innovator?
# Why would Allah protect the Qur'an, but allow his entire ummah to be led astray by corrupted hadith for 1000+ years? Doesn't that make his protection worthless?
# What did Muhammad look like? How many wives did he have and what were their names? What were the names of his children? How old was he when he first received his prophethood? When and how did he die? Do you even know anything about your prophet?
# Why do you accept the revelations given to someone who you know nothing about?

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