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Dunya and akhira word count in the Qur'an

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* "''The words Dunya (this world) and Akhira (hereafter) both appear 115 times in the Qur'an, which is a numerical miracle.''"
** In this "miracle" the word ''akhira'' is counted with many prefixes, while in the [[365 days miracle in the Quran|365 days miracle]] words with these prefixes were not counted.
** The word ''dunya'' doesn't always mean "world " and the word ''akhira'' doesn't always mean "hereafter". So the miracle claim is wrong. And phrasing it without the translation translations is misleading, because it makes people assume that those words always mean "this world" and "hereafter".
** What is the message behind the number 115? This number seems to be a product of coincidence.
** What is the message behind these numbers being equal? Worldly life is the same as hereafter? They are equally important? Are they equally long? Shouldn't the hereafter be much more important and have a double word count?
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