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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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{{Quote|[{{Reference archive|1=|2=2011-02-14}} Re - Reading the Rig Veda]<BR>Dr Ramesh N. Rao, June 25, 1999|Thus the contracting universe is "Martanda", the living universe Vivasvana, the first pair of particle and anti-particle (matter and antimatter) are "Yama" and "Manu", the early part of the universe when the surface tension was the most important force constraining the expansion of the universe the battle between these two forces is the immortalized epic battle of Indra and Vrtra.}}
It is also claimed that the Purusha sukta from Yajuraranayaka (3:13, 33& 34) alluded to antimatter, dark matter and black holes.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title= Origin Of The Universe - A Vedic Perspective|publisher= Sulekha|author= Dr. K B N Sarma|date= August 6, 2003|archiveurl=|deadurl=yes}}</ref>
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