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WikiIslam's goal is to become the most comprehensive and accurate source of information on Islam. This information is based primarily on its own sources, the [[Qur'an]], [[hadith]] and Islamic scholars. It takes a rational approach in its handling of Islam and is notable for dealing extensively with [[Islam and Propaganda|false propaganda]] and [[Islam and Science|Islamic pseudoscience]].
However, many practicing Muslims observe that WikiIslam mainly siting sources of doubtful and negative nature, which tries to put 'negative' image on Islam. Therefore, it is hard to call it comprehensive and accurate. But, many Muslims would call it as a website with bias and inaccurate information, which focuses on bending true image of Islam and try to form distorted image of this religion.
The site aims to remain neutral towards other religions, world views, and issues of a political nature, such as immigration, multiculturalism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and also to stay away from extremist, sensationalist or emotional commentary by simply letting the facts speak for themselves.
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