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| Habbar Ibn al-Aswad bin Ka`b al-`Ansi
| During/after Conquest of MeccaMəkkəni fəthi və ya sonrası<br>(Yanvar 630)<ref name="Wahid 327-333"/>
| style="background: #DEFFD4;" |Kill Habbar ibn al-Aswad because he was a "liar",<ref name="The last years of the Prophet">{{citation|title=The last years of the Prophet|url=|authors=Al Tabari, Isma'il Qurban Husayn (translator)|year=25 Sep 1990|publisher=State University of New York Press
|isbn=978-0887066917|page=167}} ([ online])</ref><ref name="ReferenceC">{{Bukhari|5|59|662}}</ref> he claimed he was a Prophet<ref name="The last years of the Prophet"/>
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