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Questions to Ask About Islam

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''" - {{Quran|3|45}}</ref><ref>"''That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.''" - {{Quran|4|157}}</ref> Are they telling Jesus something he doesn't already know?
# Why did Allah let Christianity become the world's largest religion if Jesus was meant to be a prophet only for the Children of Israel<ref>{{Quran|61|6}}</ref> and Muhammad for all mankind?
# Why are Muslims waiting for Jesus Second Coming and not Muhammad? (It could have been a Copy from Christianity?) Jesus is said to have performed Miracles in Life although Muhammad never made a single miracle in life, the only miracle muslims attribute to him is the "Quran", the Quran would be his miracle. Also Jesus is said to have been born from a Virgin and not Muhammad, so why Jesus had higher attributes than Muhammad when Jesus could not make a Single Muslim after all his ministry that ended up being a disaster and originating the most numberous religion of the world?
==Natural Disasters==
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