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Questions to Ask About Islam

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# A Muslim must pray facing Mecca, and to pray with their back to Mecca would be sacrilegious. From a flat-earth viewpoint, this makes sense. But the earth is spherical, so if you pray facing Mecca, you also have your back to Mecca at the same time (and vice-versa). How do you explain this?
# The closer we get to the North and South poles,<ref>For further details, see: [[The Ramadan Pole Paradox]]</ref> the longer our days or nights become. They can eventually extend for up to several months each, making the fourth Pillar of Islam impossible to practice without starving yourself to death. Was Allah unaware of the poles and Eskimos?
# Should a Non-Muslim or an Ex-Muslim who is not being a pedophile, not being a terrorist, etc. go to Heaven or to Hell?
# Should a Muslim who is a pedophile and a terrorist go to Heaven or to Hell?

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