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Questions to Ask About Islam

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# Where and what was Allah's role on 2/26/1993 in the World Trade Center Bombing by a car bomb?
# What about Muslims murdered in by Muslim terrorism? Was that Allah's judgement and/or a test against those Muslims?
# Do Muslims are anybody who engages in terrorist and/or justifies and/or fails to report terrorist activity /activities go to Heaven or to Hell?
# Do Non-Muslims go to Heaven or to Hell if they are victims of terrorist murder?
# Where was Allah and What was Allah's role on 9/11/2001?
# Are suicide bombings that murder civiliansbombers, moral or immoral?
# Modern Muslims have religious conflicts with: Hindus in Kashmir; Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, and Bosnia; atheists in Chechnya and China; Baha'is in Iran; Animists in Darfur; Buddhists in Thailand; each other in Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen; Jews or some say "Judeoist", not all Jews practice Judaism around the world; Why is Islam involved in more sectarian and religious conflicts than any other religion today? In fact, why is Islam the only religion in conflict with every single one of today's major world religions?
# To this day there is sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Shi'ites in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan. Did Allah plan this?

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