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Quranic Claim of Everything Created in Pairs

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Conclusion: non-existent things are not a good example
Prophet [[Muhammad]] did not have access to a microscope or a Level 1 biology textbook. Therefore, he could not have known about asexual organisms, parthenogenetic organisms, hermaphrodites, or Schizophyllum commune.
It was easy for him to observe male and female humans, camels, and dogs, and even devils, jinns, and angels. But as he had no idea about micro-organisms and herpetology he was unaware that he was mistaken in his belief that all creatures came in males and females.
Based on the existence of the schizophyllum commune, and asexual, hermaphroditic and parthenogenetic organisms, the Qur'anic verses about Allah creating all creatures in pairs (male and female) are shown to be in error.
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