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WikiIslam:Sandbox/Islamophobia - essay

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Criticisms of Runnymede's Assessment of Islam
===Criticisms of Runnymede's Assessment of Islam===
The Runnymede Trust states the following: "Islam is seen as diverse and progressive, with internal debates and developments" <ref>Islamophobia: A Challenge For Us All, page 711, PDF</ref>. Throughout the report, Islam's diversity is assigned virtuous connotations. A group's ethical credibility, however, is a product of its teachings, customs and interactions with other groups. High diversity does not indicate moral superiority. Likewise, being 'progressive' is different from democratic compatibility: What constitutes progress varies by culture due to separate goals. Lastly, while theological debates exist within the Muslim community, Islam's unifying features are the affirmation of The Quran's divinity and the prophethood of Mohammed. These matters are uncontested; the metaphysical core of Islam is therefore monolithic and static.
It is imperative, Runnymede says, to perceive Islam as different but not inferior. Labels such as "irrational" or "sexist" are inappropriate. Ignored is the fact that all religions are somewhat irrational; furthermore, evidence to support Islam's intellectual and social equality is absent from the report. Concerning violence against women, one could argue that a religion endorsing wife-beating is certainly sexist. Scholars are aware of this incongruity and attempt to obfuscate the verb ضرب in [[Surah An-Nisa]] (to beat, strike) through inserting adjectives and their own interpretations. [[Qur'an 4:34]]

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