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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. It was originally posted at the FFI Forum and has been reproduced here with permission. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Shuaib iskander
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Gender    M
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Current worldview Atheist
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Testimony of Leaving Islam[edit]

I, Shuaib ibn Iskander who formally converted to the religion of Islam through recitation of the shahadah; ‘La ilaha il Allah wa Muhammad ar rasul Allah’ (There is no god but Allah and mohammed is the messenger of Allah) in the month preceding Ramadan 1986, do hereby formally renounce this allegiance and by testimony shall have no further positive and active role is this religion which I now believe to be an invention by a self-proclaimed prophet. My only position now is to fight the further spread of this virus with whatever means I currently possess.

It is now my belief that the religion known as Islam is but a deviously natured cult wherein otherwise perfectly rational human beings are subjected to physical, mental and spiritual manipulation and are reduced to slave-like dependence on absurd and unnatural laws and regulations. These restrictions prevent humans from pursuing the most basic foundations of civilization; the capacity to reason with logic, the entitlement to establish their own sense of freedom and democratic state, the unrestricted access to all avenues of human learning and knowledge, and the capacity to follow whatever spiritual or religious path that fulfills their temperament. Further to this, I believe that Islam is a vehicle and a foundation from which leaders in this cult spread fear and terror throughout the world and seek to convert as many as possible by all and every means at their disposal.

Of the man called mohammed who is identified as ‘the prophet of Allah.’ It is now my belief after reading and digesting all the relevant evidence and accounts concerning him, that he was a pedophile, a polygamist, a self-proclaimed terrorist, a mass murderer, a deceiver and liar, a poet of the greatest but worst invention, a slave trader, fascist, anti-Semitic, a manipulator, rapist and one who most thoroughly epitomized the worst characteristics of evil in humanity.

As a book, the Qur’an gives only two choices for the one that reads and understands it; the first is to believe in Allah as the only god in existence and that mohammad is the last prophet of this divinity, believing this will be rewarded with a place in paradise. The other choice is rejection of this book and such a choice will make the individual a loser, one who on a ‘day of judgment’ will be condemned and dragged into the burning flames of a hell by chains and tortured for all eternity. Such is the essence of this book ‘qur’an’. It is my believe now that the author of this book was not one who believed in truth or justice but whose worldview and cosmology was essentially of a fascistic nature, of a theocratic dominion where anyone and everyone not willing to believe its doctrine would be ruthlessly exterminated. The qur’an is the work of a psychologically disturbed and perverse mind obsessed with sex, murder, death, torture, slavery, brutality, genocide, and obscure visionary experiences that are only obtainable today through the use of psycho-active and illegal drugs.

I have been asked to comment on any good qualities presented within this cult of Islam and unfortunately I cannot find any. It is my final and irrevocable opinion that no self-proclaimed Moslem should hold any position of authority in any government, in education, in supervision of Non-Moslem populations, or religious institutions. The only remaining value of Islam is within its capacity as a presentation as a case study on religious deception and manipulation, and as the most supreme example of a hoax ever played upon human beings in history.

I hereby present my case in the full knowledge that the powers that exist in Islam will deem me an apostate and may issue a fatwa (proclamation) for my execution. This is enough to convince any person reading this that Islam cannot and will not subscribe to natural justice or conventional forms of judicial etiquette. I will not be allowed to stand before a judge and jury and explain my reasoning, evidence or opinion, but will be condemned without trial. I am a human being with the full and active faculty of reason and I make this claim with full sanity. However, I will not beg for mercy at the point of a sword.

With peace in my heart,

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