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Robert Redeker is a French philosophy teacher in south-western France. Redeker is under police protection and in hiding after receiving death threats for his criticism of Islam and Prophet Muhammad that he published in the Paris daily Le Figaro on September 19, 2006.[1] The article prompted Egypt and Tunisia to ban the edition carrying the article.[2]

Redeker's opinion piece was written in response to the angry reactions around the Islamic world to a lecture by Pope Benedict XVI.[3] Following the Pope's lecture, Muslims around the globe demanded an apology,[4] Palestinians took to the streets in Gaza, setting ablaze seven churches,[5] a Christian was killed in Iraq,[6] and a 65 year-old Italian nun in Somalia was shot dead in what was most likely a revenge attack.[7]

Robert Redeker received threats by telephone and e-mail targeting himself and his wife and three children and that his photograph and address were available on several Islamist internet sites.

The threads included a clear map of how to get to his home, with the words "This pig must have his head cut off." Another threat read "You will never again be safe on this earth. One billion, 300 million Muslims are ready to kill you."

In response to these threats Redeker stated in an interview, “What is happening to me corresponds fully to what I denounce in my writing - the West is under ideological surveillance by Islam... I have the impression that I’ve been drafted against my will into a conflict from the 17th or 18th century, ... It’s all about opposing religious intolerance.”

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