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Mohammad Najibullah (means Honored of God)(1947[1]-28 September 1996[2]) was the president of the Republic of Afghanistan from May 4, 1986 to April 15, 1992.

Once driven out of political office, Najibullah took refugee in the United Nations compound in Kabul. Soon, a special Taliban unit of five men designated for the task by Pakistani intelligence ISI, breaking international immunity laws, dragged Dr. Najibullah outside of the UN compound. The Taliban tortured him and wanted him to sign papers related to the Durand line,[3] then bundled his brother and him into a pick-up truck and drove them to the presidential palace, where they killed him together with his brother. The Taliban cut off Najibullah's testicles then dragged his body behind a jeep. Then they shot him and his brother, hanging their mutilated bodies from a street lamp outside the presidential palace for two days. In a symbolic gesture of his "debauchery and corruption, the ex-president's pockets were stuffed with money, and cigarettes were pressed between his broken fingers."[4] Some believe he was killed on the orders of ISI and Pakistani Interior Minister Nasrallah Babar.

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