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A 15th century Persian depiction of Muhammad, Gabriel and Buraq watching as a demon tortures women by hanging them up by hooks through their breasts and burning them. Muhammad said that the majority of people in Hell were women because they are ungrateful and harsh towards their husbands.[1]

Jahannam (جهنم) is the Arabic language equivalent of the word Hell and is used in Islam to refer to the eternal abode of fiery torment, or the specific Islamic conception of Hell. The word 'Jahannam' comes from the Hebrew 'Gehinnom'.[2] Jahannam is the foil to Jannah (Paradise), which is the eternal abode of bliss. Both are said to coexist with the temporal world but will only be occupied by humans after the Day of Judgement. Other names for Jahannam in the Quran include al-Nar (lit. "the fire"), Jaheem (lit. "the blazing fire"), Hutamah (lit. "that which shatters"), Haawiyah (lit. "the abyss").

Generally - although a minority of theologians differ - it is held that unbelievers (i.e. infidels, or kuffar) will spend eternity in Jahannam and that sinful Muslims will only spend as much time therein as is required to purge them of their sins, whereafter they will be sent to Jannah.

Nearly 500 verses (roughly one out of every twelve) in the Quran speak of Hell.[3] Among other descriptions, the Quran describes Jahannam as fueled by the bodies of its occupants.[4] Punishments in Jahannam are said to vary according to a person's sins.[5][6] Like Jannah, Jahannam has seven gates, one for each of seven classes of sinners.[7] Angels serve as Jahannam's overseers.[8][9] The torture is described as so terrible that its occupants will plead for their own destruction, "Would that I were dust!".[10]

Details in scripture


  1. Eternity in blazing fire[11]
  2. Hung by the breasts[12]
  3. Bound in yokes[13] and chains[10]
  4. Garments of liquid pitch[14] and fire[15]
  5. Faces covered in fire[14] and lips burnt off[16]
  6. Beat with maces of iron[15]
  7. Fed painful, noxious, choking foods which will leave them hungry and boil their insides[13][17][18][19]
  8. Boiling water[20] poured over one's head and used to scald the skin and internal organs[15]
  9. Extremely hot, and extremely cold, filthy fluids of pus and blood[21]
  10. Hot stones placed on the nipple that will burn through to the shoulder bone[22]
  11. Dragged by the face through boiling water and fire[23][24]
  12. Burning embers beneath the arches of the feet[25] or shoes of fire[26] that will cause one's brain to boil.
  13. Intestines will come out[27]
  14. Exchangeable skins so that people can be roasted over and over again[28]


  • 99% of human beings,[29] most of them women[30][1]
  • Transgressors[31][32]
  • Haughty and proud people[33]
  • Arrogant people[34]
  • People who reject Allah's signs[35][28]
  • People who commit suicide[36]
  • Hypocrites[37]
  • Jinn who do not submit to Allah[38]
  • Polytheists[39][40]
  • People of the Book[41][42][43]
    • Christians and Jews as replacements for sinful Muslims[44][45]
    • Jews for 'worshipping Ezra as the Son of Allah', and the Christians for worshipping the Messiah as the Son of Allah[43][46]
  • Criminals[47]
  • Ungrateful wives[30][1]
  • Unjust people[48]
  • Tyrants[49]
  • Murderers of Muslims[50]
  • People who persecute or tempt Muslims[51]
  • People who prefer this world and neglect the after-life[52][53]

Sinful Muslims

...When Allah would finish judging His bondsmen and because of His mercy decide to take out of Hell such people as He pleases. He would command the angels to bring out those who had not associated anything with Allah; to whom Allah decided to show mercy. those who would say: There is no god but Allah. They (the angels) would recognise them in the Fire by the marks of prostration, for Hell-fire will devour everything (limb) of the sons of Adam except the marks of prostration. Allah has forbidden the fire to consume the marks of prostration. They will be taken out of the Fire having been burnt, and the water of life would be poured over them, and they will sprout as seed does In the silt carried by flood...

Muhammad's parents

The belief that Muhammad's parents are in Hell is an accepted mainstream Islamic belief[54][55]..

Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) visited the grave of his mother and he wept, and moved others around him to tears, and said: I sought permission from my Lord to beg forgiveness for her but it was not granted to me, and I sought permission to visit her grave and it was granted to me. So visit the graves, for that makes you mindful of death.
Anas reported: Verily, a person said: Messenger of Allah, where is my father? He said: (He) is in the Fire. When he turned away, he (the Holy Prophet) called him and said: Verily my father and your father are in the Fire.

Muhammad's supporter and uncle Abu Talib

Narrated Said bin Al-Musaiyab from his father: When the time of the death of Abu Talib approached, Allah's Apostle went to him and found Abu Jahl bin Hisham and 'Abdullah bin Abi Umaiya bin Al-Mughira by his side. Allah's Apostle said to Abu Talib, "O uncle! Say: None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, a sentence with which I shall be a witness (i.e. argue) for you before Allah. Abu Jahl and 'Abdullah bin Abi Umaiya said, "O Abu Talib! Are you going to denounce the religion of Abdul Muttalib?" Allah's Apostle kept on inviting Abu Talib to say it (i.e. 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah') while they (Abu Jahl and Abdullah) kept on repeating their statement till Abu Talib said as his last statement that he was on the religion of Abdul Muttalib and refused to say, 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.' (Then Allah's Apostle said, "I will keep on asking Allah's forgiveness for you unless I am forbidden (by Allah) to do so." So Allah revealed (the verse) concerning him (i.e. It is not fitting for the Prophet and those who believe that they should invoke (Allah) for forgiveness for pagans even though they be of kin, after it has become clear to them that they are companions of the fire (9.113).

Doctrinal debates


Historical origins


Challenges to Allah's benevolence

Creation of beings predestined for hell

The Qur'an states that Allah the "Omniscient" had the option of giving "every soul its true guidance" but preferred to "fill Hell with jinns and men all altogether".[56][57] This means that Allah creates beings he knows will be tortured.

Unfair punishment

Infinite punishment cannot be properly described as fair punishment for finite sins. This causes eternal torture to be unjust.

Futile punishment

Many if not most of Hell's occupants will never be able to repent, reform, or escape.[58][59][60][61] Since eternal torture is not being used for any constructive purpose after justice has been attained through fair punishment, it is futile.

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