Islamic Witch Hunts (Kuwait)

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Interior Ministry sources say the 1,800, mainly Falasha (Ethiopian/black) Jewish maids working in Kuwaiti households practice black magic and are a danger to Muslim children

There are about 1,800 Jewish maids working in Kuwaiti households, reports Alam Alyawm daily quoting Interior Ministry sources.

The same sources said these maids are citizens of India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. The sources also warned such maids practice black magic and may have allegiance to Israel.

They thoughts and opinions may also constitute a danger to Muslim families - either Kuwaiti or expatriate - and may have an ill effect on our children.

The sources added the origin of most of these maids is believed to be Falasha.
1,800 Jewish maids in Kuwait
Arab Times, October 20, 2009

Woman loses custody of her two children because she is a "witch" who "practices sorcery". Court places the children in her ex-husbands care

The Personal Status Section of the Appeals Court nullified a woman’s right to the custody of her two children and ordered the ex-husband must take over custody.

Counselor of the ex-husband Attorney Mahdi Al-Rashidi urged the court to transfer the children’s custody to their father because their mother practices sorcery, and the man is not at ease with the children being in her care.

Evidence against the woman became strong when sorcery related materials were found in her possession, and she confessed those materials rescued her from problems. Also, the woman is said to be spending most part of the day outside and usually comes home late at night. For this reason, she was deemed unfit to take care of the children.

The lawyer reiterated that a lower court had previously granted his client the right to divorce, and the children’s paternal grandmother would take care of them.
'Witch' mom loses custody of children
Arab Times, December 14, 2011

Women to be summoned for interrogation by police, after her ex-husband files a complaint accusing her of practicing black magic and harming him and his two daughters

A Kuwaiti man has filed a complaint with the Adan Police Station accusing his ex-wife of doing black magic. He claims the magic harmed him and his two daughters, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the man the woman planted some magic charms in his home to promote hatred between him and his daughters.

He also said because of the magic he and his daughters are suffering from dermal disease. The suspect will be summoned for interrogation.
Victim of ex-wife’s magic: man
Arab Times, March 15, 2012