Islamic Prophecies: Preservation of the Quran

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Islamic Prophecies
Establishment of Israel
The tribe of Israel will become very haughty
The preservation of Pharaoh's body
Genetic engineering
Roads in mountains
New transport systems
Oceans linked
Modern communications systems
The army ant in technology
The use of electricity
Electric light bulbs
Formation of petroleum/gasoline
Atomic energy and fission
Artesian wells
Image transmission
Smell transference
Rapid transfer of things
Women's rights
Books published and spread
Extra-Terrestrial life
Air-Traffic system
The exploration of space
Voyage to the moon
Moon landing
Preservation of the Quran
Islam will prevail
“Absolutely, we have revealed the reminder (The Quran), and, absolutely, we will preserve it.” (15:9)

The author of The Quran also prophesied that The Quran itself would remain intact (unaltered) through time - since its revelation more than 1400 years ago, the original Quran is still fully preserved and intact as it was when it was first revealed


There is absolutely no evidence that the Qur'an is exactly the way it was when Muhammad revealed it roughly 1450 years ago. When it was revealed, Muhammad's companions memorized parts of it, and wrote other parts down on leaves, animal bones and other things. The Qur'an was not compiled within Muhammad's time, so there was not even a standardized text in existence with which we can compare. All we have is the faulty human memory (for recitations) to show us that the Qur'an remained as one uniform "book" up until the time of Uthman. Uthman, of course collected all Qur'anic fragments/writings/recitations together; those that he had access to, and decided what the "official version" of the Qur'an should be. He sent a copy of this "new" Qur'an to each town and ordered that all deviating copies be burned.

How do we know that he did not add/subtract from the text? What were the differences in the Qur'an that required the "official version" to be established?

This event of course does not include the missing verses/sections of the Qur'an, such as the Verse of Rajm.


We only have Muslim's continual insistence that the Quran is "intact, uncorrupt and Unaltered" as evidence that the Quran is exactly as it was when Muhammad revealed it. However, what little evidence we have, actually points to the fact that the Quran is not exactly the same as Muhammad revealed it. It is plausible that the Quran has remained unaltered, but if Muslim's cannot prove it (beyond all doubt) then they cannot claim this as "fulfilled Prophecy."

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