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The most complete list of websites related to Islam
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Featured Site
Logo-of-Money Jihad.JPG
Money Jihad
"This blog is dedicated to exposing how the enemies of America finance themselves. Here we shine a light on: Terrorist funding, The economies & military expenses of Middle Eastern countries, Sharia finance, Islamic taxation"


Logo-of-Australian Islamist Monitor.JPG
Australian Islamist Monitor
Australian Islamist Monitor is "a group of people from very diverse religious, philosophic and social backgrounds. What unites us is knowledge, awareness and a very deep concern for the future of our country. We appreciate our culture. We are not ashamed of it. We are committed to defending it from Islamists"
Logo-of-Q Society of Australia.JPG
Q Society of Australia
"If you are concerned about the Islamisation of Australia and the erosion of Western values, you came to the right place... is reading and writing enough?... If you share our belief the time has come for an Australian grassroots movement and serious positive action, then please support or join us"


Logo-of-Islam versus Europe.jpg
Islam versus Europe
From Cheradenine Zakalwe, the author behind the Stop Turkey blog. Covers news of Islam and Muslims in Europe, translated into English. "Where Islam spreads, freedom dies"
Logo-of-Stop Turkey.jpg
Stop Turkey
"This blog is a campaign against Turkish accession to the European Union. Through original articles, and links to relevant sources of information, it aims to demonstrate why Turkish EU membership would be a disaster for Europe and for Western civilisation"


Logo-of-Bharatvani Institute.gif
Bharatvani Institute
Hindu website, with on-line books, by K. Elst, R. Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, critical of Islam. An informative and a must visit site for every Hindu who wishes to rediscover his roots and dharma.
Logo-of-Kashmir-A-Paradise-turned into Hell.gif
Kashmir Information Network
"With the emergence of Islamic fundamentalism all over the world, this theo-fascist brand of political philosophy accompanied by hatred, intolerance, and terrorism was pushed into and peddled in the peaceful valley by Pakistan"


Logo-of-All 4 Israel.gif
All 4 Israel
Organization to support victims of terrorism in Israel. Includes a list of civilian and security force casualties since 2000


Logo-of-Media and their Atrocities.gif
Media and their Atrocities
"Grisly incidents of Croat and Muslim atrocities against the Serbs rarely made it into the U.S. press, and when they did they were accorded only passing mention. Meanwhile Serb atrocities were played up and sometimes even fabricated"

United Kingdom

Logo-of-English Defence League.JPG
English Defence League
"Islam is not just a religious system, but a political and social ideology that seeks to dominate all non-believers and impose a harsh legal system that rejects democratic accountability and human rights. It runs counter to all that we hold dear within our British liberal democracy"

United States

Logo-of-ACT! for America.JPG
ACT! for America
Site by Brigitte Gabriel. "I founded ACT! for America because Islamic militants have declared war on America. I know what this means. For years, I witnessed first-hand how brutally jihadists treat non-Muslims. We are in for the fight of our lives and we must ACT! - before it's too late"
Logo-of-America at War (1).gif
America At War
"A collection of resources, in response to the Islamic supremacist attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and America, for the American Christian Church leadership and ministerial community"
Logo-of-American Thinker.JPG
American Thinker
Presents "thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans," including American politics, foreign policy, national security, economics, diplomacy, culture, military strategy, and the survival of the State of Israel.
The site which CAIR attempted, but failed, to silence. "Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, founded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia Law in America"
Logo-of-Family Security Matters.JPG
Family Security Matters
"Our mission is to inform all Americans, men and women, about the issues surrounding national security... to increase civic participation and political responsibility; and to empower all Americans to become proactive defenders of our national security and community safety"
Logo-of-Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI).JPG
Freedom Defense Initiative
"The Freedom Defense Initiative is a new organization launched by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Our objective is to go on the offensive when legal, academic, legislative, cultural, sociological, and political actions are taken to dismantle our basic freedoms and values"
Logo-of-Jacob Richmann.gif
Jacob Richmann
Personal homepage with a list of recent terror attacks against Israel including photos of the victims and the funerals. "Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled"
Logo-of-Logan's Warning.JPG
Logan's Warning
"The primary mission of this website is to educate non-Muslims on the ideology & practice of Islam and to Islam's threats to our free and open society. The goal is to assist in developing legislation to defeat the dangerous Sharia movement underway here in America"
Logo-of-Radical Islam.jpg
Radical Islam
"Clarion Fund's flagship education tool spreads awareness about the threat of Radical Islam in the United States and provides practical response tools. The user-friendly website features news updates and first-rate analysis, including articles and webinars by industry experts"
Logo-of-Society of Americans for National Existence.jpg
Society of Americans for National Existence
The SANE Works for US website is now a Members Only website. However, on the site you will find the latest installments of their free SANE Email Update
Logo-of-The United West.JPG
The United West
"The United West is dedicated to defending and advancing Western Civilization against the kinetic and cultural onslaught of Shariah Islam, so that America remains a land of freedom, justice and opportunity grounded in the principles of our Constitutional Republic"