Islam Undressed: The Final Analysis on Real Islam

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Islam Undressed
By: Vernon Richards
Introduction: The View from Outside
The Issues at Hand
‘Real Islam’ from the Religious Texts
Islam and Jihad
Muhammad’s Actions, Speaking Louder than Words
The Battle of Badr
Actions of the four "Rightly Guided" Caliphs
Early Islam and the Crusades
Islam, Non-Muslims and Apostates
Islamic Honesty and Honor
The American Muslim
Worldwide Islam Today, by Country
Today’s News from Peaceful Islam
Real Islam; a Case Study
Islamic Psychology 101
Islamic Politics 101
The Infidel POW
Beslan, Russia and Islam
Persia-Egypt and Islam
Islamic Aid (Jizyah)
Spin …The Art of Ignoring the Obvious
The Gathering Storm
Seeds of Armageddon
Roots of Today’s Campaign
Liberty Threatened
Hard Options in Israel
Islamic Contradictions and Hypocrisies
Never-Ending Islamic Conspiracies
The Final Analysis on Real Islam
The Path Ahead
Epilogue: Dark Premonitions
About the Author

Instead of trying to comprehend and facing the true roots of militant Islam, we have preferred to hope that Islamic violence is just the pernicious work of a few twisted individuals in small radical groups. We hope that by pounding the al-Qaida network the threat of Islamic terrorism will cease. We can then put it out of our minds and hope that it will no longer affect us, returning to more pleasant pursuits centered around sports, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, and popular rock stars. We are happy that the DOW is back up and interest rates have lowered, and hope the recession is finally over. Yet, those planning our destruction are still living among us saying that their Islam is a religion of peace. All the while, just as Maslama deceived his good friend Kab in order to murder him, militant Muslims are prudently, patiently planning their next acts of terrorism, with tactic support from ‘faithful’ Muslims world wide, including here in the US. There is a reason why all those Madrassah educated Taliban, the Mullahs and Maulanas of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries unanimously support Bin-Laden, ...Osama bin Laden and his followers are pure Muslims per the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Now the inescapable inferences must be stated. Near the beginning of this work we asked the reader to keep three questions in mind during this course of study. Reading, visualizing, and digesting the facts outlined herein has undoubtedly been distasteful. It tears at the natural human heart to contemplate and visualize what so many suffered at the hands of early and modern Islam. Though intelligent clear thinking individuals have undoubtedly drawn their own conclusions, the questions are repeated here, along with some of the obvious inferences drawn now with full support from the material covered.

1) What are the teachings of real Islam found in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira with respect to the use of violence, call it Jihad if you like, to aggressively spread its power over non-Muslims, and are these teachings valid and applicable today?

ANSWER: It should be obvious that real Islam still calls for the use of Jihad, force and violence, when able, to spread Islam’s power over non-Muslim people. The Jihad may take the form of passing out literature for Islam, or it may take the form of assassination, or a bombing of a building, or a massacre, or worse. These teachings are valid, applicable, and still required for Muslims today.

2) Is real Islam behind and does it condone the murder of 3000 Americans and the destruction of the WTC, or are these Muslim terrorists doing something well outside Muhammad’s religion?

ANSWER: Yes. Real Islam is behind the murder of thousands of Americans and it condones the destruction of the WTC. Official Islamic theology taught in most parts of the world justify violent acts to further the cause of converting all to Islam, especially acts designed to weaken the "Great Satan", deemed the biggest threat to that cause.

3) What does the future hold for Islam and America, and in time for the rest of the non-Muslim world?

ANSWER: Continued Islamic violence. Would that it could be said otherwise, but it appears likely that Muslims will yet perform many large and small acts of murderous violence against us. If given the chance they may one day detonate a nuclear warhead, or warheads, in large American cities, as many in the movement see it as their only viable option. In order to advance Muslim theology as they see it, these militants know that America must be brought low, regardless of the cost. They are dedicated and may eventually succeed in obtaining the bombs or bomb material from Iran, Pakistan, Korea, or perhaps from a former Soviet Country. Muslim militants are cognizant of how to go about this, their goal is our incapacitation, and they believe the best way to accomplish this is through the use of WMD’s.

Remove all the religious trappings surrounding that great religion/nation of Islam, take down all the tapestries and linens, remove the robes of honor and power, strip away the false claims of accomplishment and achievement, unwind all the spin and guile, and you are left with the simple naked truth, Islam undressed, …and it is not a pretty sight! Terror and violence continues to twist and distort the soul and body of Islam into ever more unrecognizable shapes, so that it hardly seems human. The image of Islam undressed is as frightening as the image of its never ending Jihadic crusades, bathed as they are in carnage, blood, pain, and sorrow of millions of men and women, young and old. Unlike Christianity that teaches one should love their enemy, Islam offers no quarter for any unbeliever unless they convert. There are 149 overt and easily found verses of the Qur’an alone that invoke Muslims to fight against non-believers, with scores more of supporting and more subtle references. Justifications and encouragement in Muslim’s other sacred works are even more abundant. Despite the constant repetition of the view that Islam is a religion of peace, only the most naïve and foolish could possibly look at events around the world and conclude there is any truth to this. Time and again, the many biographies of Muhammad and the Caliphs that followed him reveal that he employed murder and war repeatedly to advance Islam. He was particularly obsessed with killing Jews.

A few brave souls struggle against its core teachings to move Islam toward civility, but Islam’s response to terrorism is largely rhetoric, platitudes and disingenuous ‘lip-service’, in continuing contrast to her actions. Actions like running training camps of hatred and war in Islamic schools where the chief teaching tool is the Qur’an, a book that reads like a terrorist manifesto. It is wise to be wary of a people that embrace a religion based on texts filled with bigotry, hatred, and graphic violence. Islam proclaims peace as it engages in Jihad, tolerance as it persecutes, and freedom as it enslaves the rest of humanity. The truth is that Islam’s religious tenants and philosophy are not benign but full of vile hatred, which is continuing to drive terrorist acts. Yet this cult continues to deceive others at an astonishing pace to accept the philosophy as a legitimate religion, and then later moves them to join in Jihad, a Jihad directed towards each of us individually, our families, our neighbors, our friends, our Constitution, our government, our nation, and our religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

So, why is it that so many Muslims want to see America broken or destroyed? The answer is simple, America is a powerful superpower; indeed some say the last superpower. Its military strength and pervasive cultural power represents the best hope against the violent spread of Islam. Obviously, if America is weakened or incapacitated, then Muslim terrorists can begin to act with much more impunity throughout the world. The attack against the WTC was not simply an effort to kill large numbers of American people, had they wanted to do that they could have found better targets. Rather, the attempted attack against the Whitehouse, and attacks against the WTC and Pentagon were strikes at America’s financial strength, government, and military command and control center, conveniently coupled with the murder and destruction of ordinary Americans. Muslims believe that if they can hurt us badly, we might capitulate and not reply to the threat, or at least hope to weaken us and make it much more difficult to deal with or pursue them elsewhere in the world. Just as Muhammad destroyed the financial strength and morale of the date-palm groves of the Banu Nadir, and had key leaders assassinated, so to, these Muslims have struck at our financial strength and leadership.

Consider the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq costing hundreds of billions, no country can long sustain such expenses. The 2008 US economic crisis is due in no small part to the expenses associated with prosecuting wars against Islamic Jihadists worldwide. Eventually, our capacity to counter Islamic violence will diminish as it is spread thin. Calculate the results of 9/11/01 with its billions of dollars lost and tens of thousands of Americans out of work. The stock market crashed, taking over two years to recover, and its recovery may still be somewhat tenuous. The economy fell deeper into recession. Looking further down the road, the militants probably hope that once America is broken or destroyed, then the rest of Europe, Australia, or other regions can next be targeted with impunity.

If Muslims in Algeria can slit the throats of small Algerian children and throw them down wells, then zealots cut from the same violent cloth will not care one iota about any American life. These murdered children were fellow Algerians and sometimes fellow Muslims. Perhaps they weren’t Muslim enough to the Muslim terrorists. In either case, the devoted Muslims we are dealing with are of the same spirit that murdered these children, who slaughtered the children of Beslan, Russia, and the same spirit that had the Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe massacred. This is a spiritual war, where militant Muslim extremists are pawns in the hands of a force with a truly evil agenda …the utter domination and complete control of the entire human race! My claim is that the spiritual power behind terrorism is bigger, and more perverse, than all failed political theologies propagated to date, because it does not know human bounds. Militant Muslims serving their terror masters will not care about millions of American deaths, they will cherish it. Just as devout Muslims in Chicago and on American campuses rejoiced at the destruction of the WTC, so too large numbers of Muslims here and abroad still look forward to the day that America can be brought low.

Frequently we hear that these terrorists are very, very few, and that the Islamic community is universally peace loving. Now should we blindly accept those assurances and really believe that this type of Islamic terrorism is the work of just a few individuals? Everyone should be asking himself or herself; did the 19 Muslim hijackers operate in a vacuum? Should we believe that no other Muslims currently living in America knew about their plans? The thinking man would have to conclude that these Muslims were known about and aided by many other Muslims living here. These abettors and many other Muslims have been coming here over an extended period as men on a mission. Both the hijackers and their handlers were known and supported by Muslims throughout America and the world. If need be, Muslim accomplices will proclaim that "Islam is a religion of peace", fly an American flag, cry crocodile tears, and proclaim, "we feel your pain". But just as Muhammad’s followers betrayed fellow citizens at an opportune time, these Muslim handlers (terrorists) and their Muslim accomplices betrayed America. "Islam has broken the former ties", just as the early Muslims betrayed those who were once their friends. They eat with us, drink with us, even share part of their lives with us, but the call of Islam is stronger then American citizenship, personal friendship, or simple values of integrity and trust. Make no mistake about it, when the time is ripe, many more Muslims living here in the states may support or commit the same type of violent actions that were committed on 9/11/01. They aren’t done, and in their hearts they know it isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

In truth the world is chock-full of Islamic violence, committed by Muslim terrorists found in all nations. The 19 Muslim hijackers came from several Muslim countries. The Taliban are filled with Arabs, Chechens, Indonesians, Chinese, Afghans, Pakistanis, and so on. Even some British and American Muslims had gone to Afghanistan to fight fellow British and American soldiers. This type of Islamic terrorism is a worldwide movement; it is not the work of a few hot head radicals. It is the work of dedicated, devout, determined Muslims. American Muslims will continue to betray American citizens as they have done in Guantanamo and Afghanistan. The next batch of Muslim terrorists need not be Arab, or dark skinned. They may be white, blue-eyed, and, blonde. Their dedication to Islam will override any commitment to America and its people.

Below is the text of fatwa urging Jihad against Americans which was published in Al-Quds al-'Arabi on February 23, 1998.

On that basis, and in compliance with God's order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims the ruling to kill the Americans and their allies--civilians and military--is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim.

This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God, "and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together," and "fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God."

By their own words and works, we can conclude that Islam is apparently a violent religion after all, and large parts of it continue to condone and allow the use of aggressive violence to spread its dominion over non-Muslims. The war that Muhammad launched long ago continues today, but the stakes are getting higher. America, European and Asian nations will continue to be adversely affected by the actions of real Muslims – those that are obeying their god and prophet – as they have been in the past. America (and other countries) previously insulated by distance and oceans are no longer safe and have become the relatively new targets of expansionist Islam. For all the cries against Zionism by Muslims, it is Islam which has the most aggressive ambitions and designs on other peoples and lands.

"Will you listen to me O Meccans? By him who holds my life in His hand I bring you slaughter." (Muhammad, some of the earliest words spoken in Mecca, shortly after his first visit by "Gabriel", to people who rejected his claim to prophet-hood). "The Life of Muhammad", by A. Guillaume, page 131. Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not that which God and His Apostle (Muhammad) have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they be humbled."

We see that Muhammad had many people murdered. By request, by command, by implication, Muhammad had many killed, some while they slept. There were no trials, no judgments, no dialog. If you insulted Muhammad, if you doubted his credibility, or if you spoke out, you were killed. Men and women, young and old, all were killed because of Muhammad's intolerance, anger, hatred, and disdain toward those who spoke out against him. Today, fatwas continue to be issued demanding the faithful kill any perceived to insult the prophet or discredit his divinity. One wonders if the thin skin and short temper of Islam is due to insecurity stemming from the inherit weaknesses of its doctrine. The fact remains that challenging the doctrine of Islam or hearsay against the prophet carries the penalty of death to this day. Jihad still forms an integral part of the Islamic morality, an open behest of Allah to murder, pillage, rape and create widows and orphans for imposing Allah's will on enemies guilty of the "sin" of unbelief. Indeed, whereas war is the least desirable state of affairs for most men, vile/violent Jihad is considered holy by Muslims, and Allah guarantees paradise for all who embrace it.

The intellectually insincere individual full of hatred will certainly not benefit from this book; rather he will undoubtedly be greatly offended by the facts outlined herein. As the saying goes ... "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still". A closed mind will forever be unable to draw correct inferences from a set of facts plainly laid out before him. There are too many people stuck with fixed views, which don't permit them to see the writing on the wall. The fact that the writing was written in blood on Sept 11th in New York, March 11th in Madrid, and now Sept 3rd in Beslan, still there is hesitation, if not fear, about looking at the matter of religiously based terrorism in the 21st century squarely in the face. Sadly, some choose to remain in denial forever. Some take it a step further and actively obstruct self-protective policies and actions. While fighting for causes that place both themselves and the rest of us in peril, they at the same time arrogantly claim some kind of clairvoyant moral clarity. Haughty and condescending, they are ignorant of history and outright dismissive of all facts conflicting with their superior wisdom. Their arguments are without factual foundation or substance, which is why the rhetoric is rife with criticisms and insults. Though claiming to be American patriots (and often lacking any French ancestry whatsoever) they offer no suggestions but appeasement, or in other words, peace through surrender.

Make no mistake about it: By any standard of any age Muhammad deployed murderous tactics that can only be described as terrorist in nature. Muhammad indeed taught his followers to oppress and kill non-Muslims. Today's Muslim terrorists are following his actions literally … like prophet, like followers. They commit their acts will full understanding and belief that they are based upon what Muhammad said and did, and what he expects of them. So, soundly based in pure Islamic doctrine, large parts of Islam continue to practice, justify, support, finance, or tolerate terrorism against non-Muslims today. It appears the life of Muhammad will continue to be used by militants as justification to attack and murder those who differ from them. Muhammad taught his followers that Islam is the final and universal religion. Where Islamic law has been instituted, no other religion is tolerated unless it agrees to submit to Islamic rule. Today, more than forty nations have a majority population of Muslims, and Muslim leaders have spoken of their goal to spread Islam in the West until Islam becomes a dominant, global power. That global agenda is in keeping with Muhammad’s final clear orders: convert... pay with submission ... or die.

In 1861 Sir William Muir Esq. studied Islam in great depth and detail and in his work ‘The Life of Mahomet’ issued the following warning, still applicable today:

… chief radical evils flow from the faith, in all ages and in every country, and must continue to flow so long as the Koran in the standard of belief.

FIRST: Polygamy, Divorce, and Slavery, are maintained and perpetuated; - striking as they do at the root of public morals, poisoning domestic life, and disorganizing society.

SECOND: freedom of judgment in religion is crushed and annihilated. The sword is the inevitable penalty for the denial of Islam. Toleration is unknown. …Many a flourishing land in Africa and in Asia, which once rejoiced in the light and liberty of Christianity, is now overspread by gross darkness and a stubborn barbarism. … The swords of Mahomet, and the Koran, are the most fatal enemies of Civilization, Liberty, and Truth, which the world has yet known.

Islam’s nature will always prevent it from accepting criticism or suggestions from outsiders, reform will only occur from within, ...but then you have the problem that in Islamic societies men of Gandhi, Lincoln, Martin Luther's stature are killed as soon as they open their mouths. And as for non-Muslims in the West, the moment anyone mentions anything remotely critical of Islam, the first response you get hit with is "you are a racist", which is silly, of course, as Islam is not a race but an ideology. Muslims include large numbers of people from all races, so a more accurate word describing ideological intolerance would be a bigot, defined as "a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own", but Islamists have correctly surmised that the ‘race card’ carries much more weight in our super-sensitive society. The ‘bigot’ term is also problematic because it describes, in a nutshell, Muslim attitudes to non-believers. In fact it is perfectly legitimate to criticize the social and political errors and consequences of Islamism, communism, liberalism, feminism, socialism, or any other ‘ism’ without regard to race. Thin-skinned Muslims worldwide regard every criticism of Islamic culture or practice as Islamophobic and sacrilegious. Instead of invoking thoughtful reflection or introspection of any kind, any question or critique results in even more vitriolic anti-western invectives. Intelligent debate or discussion is impossible, as in the end all debates are resolved as they are in the 4th grade play-yard, through tantrums and name-calling. It appears critical self-analysis of any kind is impossible for the worlds ‘best’ religion. The inability of the religion to engage in critical self-scrutiny continues to prevent any possibility of meaningful discussion with outsiders, which otherwise might assist in Islam’s peaceful co-existence with other peoples and religions.

The real issue, then, is what the West can do to inspire and help Muslims choose moderation over extremism. Since the West is locked out of the internal debate, and suggestions or criticisms from inferior infidels cannot be permitted, the only role the West can play is one it is playing now. The West can only provide an example of the advantages of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights, and it can (and must) demonstrate to Muslims the futility and error of choosing fundamentalist, expansionist Islam by soundly defeating every attack. But that’s the conundrum isn’t it, respecting freedom of speech, religion, and human rights, while at the same time killing large numbers of militants, taking down governments supporting them, and discrediting Mullahs advocating Jihad. Ultimately, it is not enough to shut down terrorist training camps and kill today’s marauding Jihadists. We must also stop the "jihad factories", …the mosques and educational institutions that are turning out tens of thousands of tomorrow’s aspiring terrorists, suicide bombers, and the next generation of radical leadership. The requisite initiations on speech, assembly, and political freedom needed to protect democracy from a militant religious credo are not easy to define and enforce. There is some precedent in limiting and restricting activities and speech designed to overthrow legitimate government, enslave, kill, riot, ect. Incitement to harm society at large, including hate speech against a particular group (in this case all non-Muslims) can be monitored and regulated. But such regulation is repugnant to many Americans, who overall desire no state involvement in religion. But then Islam is not benign like other religions, and to ignore this fact may be politically correct, but stupid. How long can someone not purporting to be a comic ignore a very large, deadly pink elephant in the same room? This difficult thorny problem must be successfully dealt with in within all affected institutions in this country first, so that the model may serve as an example and template for other regions faced with the same threat.

While the information and propaganda war is rethought and engaged at home, the issue of existing Jihadists must not be ignored. Jihadic terrorism is the greatest single threat to the existing world order and the advance of humankind. Active groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Lasker-E-Tobia, Al Bader, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Tehreek-E-Jihad, Hizbul Mujahidden, and a host of others seem to have no trouble recruiting new foot soldiers to replace or augment existing fanatics. A more recent study revealed that despite the ‘war on terror’, terrorist acts are increasing worldwide, proving that Jihadic terrorism is being insufficiently fought. In the Feb 24, 2004 annual assessment of global threats to the Senate Intelligence Committee, CIA Director George Tenet and FBI Director Robert Mueller testified that the al-Qaeda terror group is seriously damaged but has spread its radical anti-American agenda to other Islamic extremist groups that now pose the greatest threat to the United States. "The steady growth of Osama bin Laden's anti-U.S. sentiment through the wider Sunni (Islamic) extremist movement, and the broad dissemination of al Qaeda’s destructive expertise, ensure that a serious threat will remain for the foreseeable future - with or without al-Qaeda in the picture ... And what we've learned continues to validate my deepest concern - that this enemy remains intent on obtaining and using catastrophic weapons."

As destructive attacks in the U.S, Israel, India, Turkey, Kenya, Spain, Russia, China, and Indonesia have proven, Jihadists will remain a threat to all within their ever-increasing range of operations for some time to come. Jihadist terrorism is unabated in Israel and India, continuing to claim thousands of innocent lives each year. All over the world, Islamic terrorism remains a serious threat and impediment to peace, security, liberty and democracy. Today’s murderous fanatics are so deeply brainwashed, so devoted to their prejudices and hatreds, that any hope of reform is completely unrealistic. The only possible successful combat strategy must focus on the entire Jihadic organization including all internal structures, the theologians setting the goals, and all social and religious values giving comfort and moral support and sanctuary. The act of terrorism by a specific community following a specific theology should be viewed for what it is, a collective criminal act. We, therefore, need to address both the psyche and all social defects of the whole Islamic Jihadi community. But we also must face the uncomfortable fact that sometimes one simply has to admit that sometimes you cannot tame a wild animal lost in primal lusts long forgotten by civilized human beings, you can only kill such a wrenched creature. Feel sorry for it, but kill it none-the-less, for if you don’t it will surely kill you and your children. The cunning creature is already at the door and perhaps even in the kitchen. Take your eyes off it and it will strike, sleep and it will take advantage to kill your neighbors and children, feed it and it will thank you with a poison bite. It is both a hydra with many heads, and a swarming nest requiring repeated blows to make our lives secure and our homes safe. A weak blow that does not put the creature into the next world will not drive it away, but will only result in a more cunning attack the next time. Negotiations and truce will only delay its ambitions and methods. Weak Tit-for-tat responses only embolden it to harsher measures and further depravity. The same choice faced by so many since the 7th century is now upon every citizen of the US, convert …or fight.

It is not just Americans and some Europeans who are becoming "Islamophobic" (a made up term to fit a void for Islamists and their apologists in the ideological war of ideas). Australians, Koreans, Japanese and other nations that have almost no previous history with Muslims are also starting to fear Islam as it proves to continue to be consistent in its dealings with its ever expanding borders. This is not a phobia, or an unreasonable fear based on an unreasonable thought process, but a fear that is very real, justifiable, and firmly based on the simple fact that Muhammad’s Islam is a religion of terror.

"instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers",
Qur’an (8:12)

and he and his devoted followers continue to succeed at doing exactly that. And so now much of the world is learning to fear Islam.

As it turns out being Islamophobic is not such a bad thing after all. All who faced the personal terror of their own demise on Sept 11th did not fear Islamists or their agenda prior to their own victimization. That lack of knowledge and fear did not serve or protect them, just as many millions throughout history have been surprised at the murderous behavior of Jihadists. Lack of awareness and appropriate fear makes individuals and nations more vulnerable to attack. Initially, surely most victims throughout history never imagined that their Muslim neighbors, and sometimes even partners and friends, might someday seek to enslave or destroy them. Being both aware and fearful of Jihadists intentions does far more to ensure safety and survival than not, so being in such a state is both desirable and laudable. If the past 1400 years of history have proven one thing, it is that the lack of knowledge, respect, and fear for Islamists and their intentions has proven fatal for many individuals and even entire cultures. In fact any non-Muslim who is not ‘Islamophobic’ is either an ignorant fool, or guilty of hubris. Although the term is meant to be derogatory, being accused of having a fear of Islamimanics is in fact a compliment. To be Islamophobic is to be educated, to be aware, to have a firm grip on reality and healthy grasp of a very real threat to peace, prosperity, country, and family. On the other hand to be aware of the threat and to choose to ignore it, is to capitulate to slavery over freedom, and servitude over prosperity.

Whether this country is still the land of the free and home of the brave, or simply (as are the Europeans) a land of aspiring dhimmis, will be answered by a generation of Americans who have heretofore never been tested, and who still remain largely ignorant of the theology and peoples seeking their destruction. When called, will they put down their X-Box controllers and pick up a weapon to defend their families, friends, and country, or will they continue to join the ranks of Michael Moore’s anti-government conspiracy legions? As with the Roman Empire, will this fledging nation fall victim to its own prosperity and resulting moral weakness? When it becomes more apparent that the future of our democracy is at stake, will more answer the call than the relative handful of strong, brave, and faithful in the armed services today? Did they even notice Sept 11th, or Madrid, the thousand plus US soldiers killed by marauding religious fanatics lusting to kill Americans in Iraq? Will they defer self-indulgent pursuits for the greater good, or continue to escape responsibility using the usual relativistic rational. Will the current 18-26 year olds continue to vote in a block to surrender everything to left-wing concepts of ‘peace at all costs’ (as if anything, including full surrender, could stop Jihadists from killing our culture turning every citizen into either obedient Muslims, slaves, or dead infidels). Will the black community continue to vote in a block to support policies and politicians that are guaranteed to eventually return them to slavery to their new Muslim masters? No one knows, but time will tell, and then history will record it. What will be placed in the historical record will depend on whether the historians are Muslim, or not.

Islamic Culpability

It is way past time to give it up people. We have tried to target various vile terrorists, while at the same time pumping up Islam, but its just not working. As we fight terrorists, we have been unable to face the stark reality that Islam, and the example of their revered prophet, are the chief motivation behind various terrorist foot-soldiers. It’s not a ‘culture’, it’s not a few deviants, it’s not a government or nation, it’s the religion. As we look first one way, and then the other, in-you-face Muslim leaders and lay continue their Jihad against us, pushing their young men to commit acts of inhumane brutality in the name of their hateful god Allah. Previously unthinkable news and images invades our living rooms on a daily basis. Only the dead and dumb can continue to hide from the facts surrounding a philosophy calling itself a religion, hell-bent on murdering or enslaving the rest of humanity. For those able to think, here is a news flash: The 9/11 hijackers, the London Bombers, the Beslan child-killers, the Chechen terrorists, the Palestinian terrorists, the Madrid terrorists, the Darfur killers, the Iraqi murderers, The Bali bombers, and innumerable acts of murder and carnage, are all linked. The common linkage is that the victimizers are all devout Muslims! Yes, that wonderful ‘religion of peace’ we have been so careful to respect. And while the foot-soldiers act to weaken Western influence and institutions, ‘moderate Islam’ continues to do what it does best, hide militants living amongst them and silently cheer from the sidelines. The common denominator in this equation of violence is ISLAM. The common script for all these violent plays is the Qur’an, the Sira, and the Hadith collection. The identical characters for all these ugly occurrences are devout Muslims well steeped in Islamic verse and prose.

In our need to believe all religion is good, we continue to place blame everywhere else, anywhere else, even ourselves, except where it is due. Naïve to the methods and history of Islam, most of us transfer our own religious experience onto undeserving Muslims, incorrectly assuming that going to the Mosque and more prayer will dissuade Muslims from acts of evil, when it works exactly the opposite. Whereas most religionists leave their places of worship more docile, reflective, and less likely to do harm to others, in Islam worshipers leave the Mosques on Friday and go on murderous riots to avenge some perceived slight. Never, NEVER, encourage a disturbed Muslim to read the Qur’an, or go to a mosque and pray. It is only when nominal Muslims actually learn the facts of just who Muhammad actually was and what he expects, that they are at risk to become terrorists. Thank heaven most Muslims don’t know too much of their own history and teachings, and it is best to keep it that way. Unfamiliarity and lack of dedication to the Torah and Bible prevents good Jews and Christians from becoming better men and women, but unfamiliarity and lack of dedication to the Qur’an prevents good Muslims from becoming terrorists.

For non-Muslims, self-preservations dictate that it is essential to become familiar with the actual teachings and example of Muhammad. Even if you don’t know your own religion very well, or if you have no religion at all, each of us had better become knowledgeable of the philosophy and people bent on killing, converting, or enslaving us all. Without that armor of truth, our societies, cultures, and nations will eventually fall to Islam’s methods and tactics. NO ONE should listen to the taqiyya (misinformation) constantly issued by Islamic apologists and propagandists. Each of us needs to take personal responsibility to know and understand the enemy seeking our demise. I suggest you continue after reading this work to other sites like and To gain insight into the reality of Islam’s culpability, consider also the following article recently released:

CNN - Jul 20 2005 - Father of 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta warns of 50-year war. The father of one of the September 11 hijackers said today he had no sorrow for what had happened in London and claimed more terrorist attacks would follow. Egyptian Mohamed el-Amir, whose son Mohamed Atta commandeered the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York, said there was a double standard in the way the world viewed the victims in London and victims in the Islamic world. El-Amir said the attacks in the US and the July 7 attacks in Britain were the beginning of what would be a 50-year religious war, in which there would be many more fighters like his son. Speaking to a CNN producer in his apartment in the upper-middle-class Cairo suburb of Giza, he declared that terror cells around the world were a "nuclear bomb that has now been activated and is ticking". Cursing in Arabic, el-Amir also denounced Arab leaders and Muslims who condemned the London attacks as being traitors and non-Muslims. He passionately vowed that he would do anything within his power to encourage more attacks.

So after reading this, who is responsible for Mohammed Atta’s acts on 9/11, does this revelation implicate his father? Certainly it makes it clear there was a family/culture component supporting his malicious choices, but from where in turn did his father derive the value system which he obviously instilled in his son, Mmmmm? Well, get a grip, and stop looking the other way, …the manifest truth is that both the father and son have a clear grasp of real Islam, and they practice it! Stare it right in the face, and do not blink. They learned it from sacred Islamic scripture and from a lifetime at the mosque listening to pious Imams. The father fears no backlash to his comments from his friends, neighbors, and Muslim countrymen because ….there is nothing to fear. The man receives more congratulations than condemnations. This from Egypt, a supposedly friendly nation who receives as much US aid as Israel. From the growing Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt we get men like this, and the original terrorists who first attempted to bring down the NY Twin Towers. To travel into the minds of Muslims is like going to the land of OZ, everything is different, and much is manifestly evil. Be sure you have your ruby slippers on before going there, you will often feel the urge to click your heals three times and say; "there’s no place like home…". When you get back, you will be wanting a shower. If you are not Islamophobic yet, then you are either already dead, or stupid. Becoming Islamophobic is the graduation certificate you get upon moving from delusion and ignorance, to full-awareness. When you have arrived, wear it with pride.

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