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Islam Undressed
By: Vernon Richards
Introduction: The View from Outside
The Issues at Hand
‘Real Islam’ from the Religious Texts
Islam and Jihad
Muhammad’s Actions, Speaking Louder than Words
The Battle of Badr
Actions of the four "Rightly Guided" Caliphs
Early Islam and the Crusades
Islam, Non-Muslims and Apostates
Islamic Honesty and Honor
The American Muslim
Worldwide Islam Today, by Country
Today’s News from Peaceful Islam
Real Islam; a Case Study
Islamic Psychology 101
Islamic Politics 101
The Infidel POW
Beslan, Russia and Islam
Persia-Egypt and Islam
Islamic Aid (Jizyah)
Spin …The Art of Ignoring the Obvious
The Gathering Storm
Seeds of Armageddon
Roots of Today’s Campaign
Liberty Threatened
Hard Options in Israel
Islamic Contradictions and Hypocrisies
Never-Ending Islamic Conspiracies
The Final Analysis on Real Islam
The Path Ahead
Epilogue: Dark Premonitions
About the Author

In the face of sure outcry, we now must ask the question: ‘What about Muslims living with us here in America’? Of course, not many Muslims here have inclinations to commit terrorist acts. Undoubtedly the majority of Muslims living in America are nominal citizens living without the essential political dimensions of orthodox Islam, and are certainly (or hopefully) not bent on terrorist actions. Many are content to continue to raise their families and prosper with the rest of us and do not want violence, being people with a better moral code than the militants and their view (right or wrong) of what Muhammad expects today. They try to follow a path dictated by personal conscience as exemplified by Shirin Ebadi, the Iranian lawyer and human-rights fighter who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Ebadi insists that no one, least of all the mullahs, has the right to tell others how to live and practice their faith. "There are no priests and no church in Islam," she repeats. "As Muslims we are alone responsible for our deeds and shall face Divine Judgment as individuals. Because we are not robots no one could programme us with his version of religion. … All human beings are of equal worth simply by existing". That kind of statement, of course, is in direct opposition to the basic principles and articles of Islam, which hold that humanity is divided according to the strict hierarchy of worth outlined in ‘The Psychology of Jihad’ chapter. Additionally, Ebadi is a woman, and as such is regarded by Iran’s Khatami and other mullahs as, at best, half of a human being.

There are many moderates like Ebadi who say they are Muslims, but in fact the Qur’an condemns them all as Muslim-wanna-bes, hypocrites, and pretenders who do not obey the commands of their god and his messenger. The Qur’an commands Muslims to kill infidels if they wish to join the faithful in

"When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, . . . And whoso fight for the cause of God . . . he will bring them into the Paradise".
Paradise: 47:4-6

The fundamental, orthodox, true Muslims will continue to teach and pressure nominal Muslims like Ebadi towards obeying Muhammad’s commands to establish the rule of Islam, if necessary through the use of violence. Nominal Muslims in America and elsewhere only need to awaken to the actual call of the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, to perhaps transform their faith and begin to use violence for Islam’s sake. It appears more and more that they are awakening, as evidenced by the fact that their violence is increasing along with the number of Muslims involved in violent activities. Shiite Muslims in Iraq are currently coming under violent pressure to join foreign and Sunni jihadists against the elected government and the Americans.

The hope that a everlastingly peaceful form of Islam might take permanent root in any country is wishful thinking. The gravitational pull of the Qur’an towards fundamentalism is like the force from a ‘black-hole’ and will eventually swallow-up every effort to reform her. Remember the Qur’an is ‘perfect’ and cannot be re-interpreted, re-written, nor reformed. As far as the Qur’an is concerned, literalists are Muslims and all Muslims are literalists. Even minor deviation from the Qur’an would in fact invalidate the entire faith. As such, any local or regional successes at ignoring Islamic fundamentals are destined to be temporary.

Although the vast majority of Muslims in America are not terrorists, and many even abhor the actions of their Muslim brethren around the world …still, since Islam teaches world domination these moderate Muslims rarely raise their voices in protest to their own brethren. If the Israelis bomb Hezbollah camps in Lebanon or Hamas camps in Syria, Muslims in New York, Detroit, and Los Angeles will organize a mass demonstration. But getting Muslims to condemn the terrorist actions of a brother … say of those in Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and more recently in Turkey… is like pulling teeth. While the Muslims worldwide continually condemn Israel, few if any Muslims raised their voices in protest over Palestinian homicide bombers or Saddam Hussein's genocidal war upon the Kurds. None ask why Bin Laden failed to help the Kurds (reports now indicate that he was working with Saddam Hussein to kill them).

There are very few Muslims in the Syracuse, NY area compared to many cities in the country, only about 5000. Yet since 9/11 several negative incidents have occurred including an arson case at a Jewish Synagogue involving two Muslim men, raids centering on Muslim-owned stores selling counterfeit DVDs, and a high profile case involving an Iraqi doctor accused of illegally funneling funds to Iraq thru his charity. The latter two in particular resulted in claims of profiling and bigotry from the Muslim populace. Rather than working to foster an atmosphere of trust, this tiny Muslim community acts in such a way as to only cause further mistrust. Then there is an organization called the Syracuse Peace Council. These left-wing activists attempt to cover their anti-American agenda by claiming to be advocates for world peace. However they have rightfully earned the nickname "The Syracuse Hate Council" by witnesses of their demonstrations against the American government several times. This angry organization of social malcontents calling for radical Socialist change within America happens to draw support from the likes of Magda Bayoumi of the Islamic Society of CNY. Ms. Bayoumi is not a strong supporter of the war on terror, but since she is against the destruction of terrorists, then is it unreasonable to expect her to be nice enough to persuade her fellow Muslims to stop trying to kill us instead of trying to bring down our government? Just recently Magda Bayoumi penned a letter to the editor of the Syracuse Post Standard to complain about what she perceived as discriminatory and bigoted reporting concerning a Post Standard article. The article discussed an investigation on whether Islamic Society of CNY may be illegally channeling funds to Iraq for other than the claimed Bam Iranian earthquake relief, possibly to support terrorism. This defensive attitude, crying foul and pretending to be a victim over every perceived injustice and slight, does not help the Muslim cause in America today.

As we face new terror alerts American citizens continue to wonder whether Muslims in America are with us or against us. After reading this book one must accept the fact that within their closed society fundamentalist elements exist that wish to cause America great harm. It's not Christians or Jews who are releasing audiotapes weekly calling for Jihad; it's the fundamentalist followers of Islam. The American Muslim community could choose to be a great asset in this fight, as surely they would be able to easily identify the fundamentalists living amongst them. But alas, to the degree they have assimilated the actual Qur’an is the degree to which they will continue to support Jihad against infidels. Although virtually all terrorists working to destroy Americans are in their own minds devout Muslims, it needs to be re-emphasized that hopefully not many Muslims in America are terrorists. Most of them are undoubtedly good people, but the seeds of terrorism are planted deep within the theology of Islam. This theology, when free to grow and blossom, shows itself in the actions normal Muslims take when they feel that Islam is challenged. Mob attacks in Pakistan, and the attacks by Muslim mobs in Nigeria and Indonesia, are examples of Islamic violence and mob mentality from once ‘peaceful’ moderate Muslims. And as was demonstrated in "Not Without My Daughter", who knows when a peaceful, liberal or moderate Muslim will be persuaded, enticed, or incited to turn to fundamentalism and embrace the violence of Islam?

Stephen Schwartz stated in his June 2003 testimony to the U.S. Senate's Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security:

"Shia and other non-Wahhabi Muslim community leaders estimate that 80 percent of American mosques out of a total ranging between an official estimate of 1,200 and an unofficial figure of 4-6,000 are under Wahhabi control ... Wahhabi control over mosques means control of property, buildings, appointment of imams, training of imams, content of preaching including faxing of Friday sermons from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and of literature distributed in mosques and mosque bookstores, notices on bulletin boards, and organizational and charitable solicitation ... The main organizations that have carried out this campaign are the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which originated in the Muslim Students' Association of the U.S. and Canada (MSA), and the Council on American-Islamic Relations."

Representative Peter T. King said publicly while promoting his book "Vale of Tears" that unlike a small minority of lay members, he estimates that 80-85% of Muslim leadership in America supports "Islamic fundamentalism". Indeed, there have been increasing instances where Wahhabi Muslims have successfully penetrated key U.S. institutions, such as the military and our prison system. As media reports noted in 2004, the two groups that accredit and recommend Muslim chaplains to the military have long been suspected of links to terrorist organizations by the federal government (The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences and an organization under the umbrella of the American Muslim Foundation). One of the key architects of the U.S. military’s chaplain program, Abdurahman Alamoudi, was arrested in 2003 and charged with an illegal relationship with Libya, long a state sponsor of terror. Federal investigators also have detained Captain James Yee (a Muslim clergymen), once stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and who is being investigated for potential ties to al Qaeda. A ‘moderate’ Muslim employed by the FBI even refused to take part in a surveillance of a suspected Al-Qaeda operative because he said, "Muslims do not spy on Muslims".

The Graduate School and ‘The Islamic Society of North America’, another group with ties to Islamic extremists, also refer Muslim clerics to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. The New York State prison system promoted a Muslim cleric to a position that allowed him to supervise the hiring and firing of all prison chaplains. He was later removed from his job when officials discovered he was an al Qaeda sympathizer who incited prisoners against America. Jose Padilla, a terrorist accused of trying to build a "dirty bomb" to unleash in the United States, was exposed to fundamentalist Islam in the U.S. prison system. Richard Reid, the so-called "shoe bomber", was converted to fundamentalist Islam while serving time in a British prison.

A Senate subcommittee has been formed and an inquiry is underway to analyze and scrutinize (for terror-related activities) the procedures used by the military and prison system to recruit Muslims clerics. The senators are looking into whether the instances of Wahhabi infiltration at key U.S. institutions may be part of a larger pattern. In response, many pundits have been quick to accuse investigators of Muslim bias. These same Muslim organizations and their supporters (the ‘convenient masses’) are falsely charging "bigotry".

Muslim groups in America such as the Muslim Public Affairs Council, CAIR and the AMC let it be known in the 2004 election that they intend to vote as a bloc for any Democrat in order to defeat President Bush. They fawned over Dennis Kucinich because he was the only Democrat to call for the immediate abandonment of Iraq by U.S. troops. This attitude speaks volumes concerning the Muslim population in America and its laissez-faire attitude towards terrorism. Instead of stepping up to the plate and doing more to help us protect the country that has welcomed them with open arms, they whine about being profiled. Said Omar Ahmed, chairman of the Board of CAIR in a speech to California Muslims;

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth" [2]
Omar Ahmed

Militant Islamists continue plotting and carrying out acts of terror with renewed vigor despite Western military successes in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is because militant Islam is an ideology, not an individual, and remains largely unchallenged. Now ideologies do not fall out of the sky contaminating men by accident, rather they are pushed and taught by its devoted followers. The chief place where Islam is taught is in mosques. The method of instruction is by self anointed indoctrination experts through 'sermons' sourced from authentic Islamic script contained in the Qur'an, the Sira and the Hadith. These motivation experts are adept at crowd psychology and emotional manipulation. If we want to avoid new domestic terror attacks, radical mosques all need to be monitored. Imams and clerics espousing anything close to treason and terror against -any- nation or individual will need to be identified and expelled. It is sheer folly that even after all that has happened, and all we know about the history and theology of Islam, mosques remain safe havens due to a overabundance of political correctness enforced by the suicidal left along with groups like the ACLU. All the while fundamentalist mosques remain the center of radical Islamic indoctrination, serving as the center for terrorist recruitment, hubs for paramilitary and explosives training, and of course collection points for terrorist financing.

Years ago in New York City, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force began monitoring some men attending the Brooklyn Farooq Mosque. Agents watched in 1989 as men converged on the mosque in the early morning, loaded up their cars, and traveled to Calverton, Long Island, pausing only for prayer breaks. Once there, they would spend hours shooting handguns and AK-47s at targets on a range. These men included Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammed Salameh and Nidal Ayyad, an Egyptian and two Palestinians who went on to bomb the World Trade Center three years later. Another participant of this cell was Egyptian Sayyid Nosair, who would later murder Rabbi Meir Kahane at a New York City hotel. Fortunately, Nosair was captured after attempting to murder a federal police officer and a 70-year-old man, but he would later help plan the WTC attack from his jail cell. An excerpt from Nosair's notebook, written three years before his jihad cell carried out the first WTC attack, demonstrates the imperative to monitor mosques:

Before announcing the establishing of the state of Abraham in our holy land[,] to break and to destroy the morale of the enemies of Allah. And this is by means of destroying the structure of their civilized pillars. Such as the touristic infrastructure which they are proud of, and their high world buildings which they are proud of, and their statues which they endear, and the buildings in which gather their leaders. And without any announcement of our responsibility as Muslims for what had been done. And therefore, the enemies of God will be busy in rebuilding their infrastructure and rebuilding their morale. And they will not care much about what goes on around them more than [they] care about rebuilding their morale; and therefore, the chance will be available for the Muslims to repossess their sacred lands from the enemies of God, the traitors and hypocrites who will be at this moment in a very psychological weakness from what they see around them. And this is because the forces on which they were depending were crushed into pieces and are in a tragic collapse.

Another player in the Farooq jihad gang included an American named Clement Hampton-El (a.k.a. "Doctor Rasheed"), who, like Mahmud Abouhalima, was a veteran of the Afghanistan jihad. Clement would later conspire with other mosque associates - Egyptians, Sudanese, and a Palestinian - in a failed plot to bomb the United Nations complex, the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, and the FBI's Manhattan headquarters.

No one at the time monitored sermons delivered on Fridays or their mosque planning meetings, but they themselves saved some reports to their chosen imam, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind cleric and leader of Egypt's deadly Islamic Group, 'Gamaat al Islamia'. Sheikh Omar would later relocate to the United States in mid-1990 and take up preaching in Farooq and other mosques in New York and New Jersey. These sermons by the Blind Sheikh and other fundamentalist imams were sometimes recorded and distributed for recruitment and fundraising purposes. Typical of such motivational sermons was the one Sheikh Omar gave just a few weeks prior to the first WTC bombing, where after explaining to his followers that

"God has obliged us to perform jihad", he elaborated that "[if] those who have the right [to jihad] are terrorists, then we are terrorists. And we welcome being terrorists. And we do not deny this charge to ourselves. The Qur'an makes it among the means to perform jihad for the sake of Allah, which is to terrorize the enemies of God and our enemies too. ... Then we must be terrorists, and we must terrorize the enemies of Islam, and frighten them, and disturb them, and shake the earth under their feet".
Sheikh Omar

We simply cannot afford to continue ignoring such clear and present potentially lethal threats to our infrastructure and citizenry. Experts tell us that 80-90% of even US mosques are at varying stages of radicalization, but even monitoring a hundred mosques to identify and expel a single radical imam inciting jihad would likely save US lives and be well worth the effort. Expelling a handful of fundamentalist clerics would also force the rest to at least tone-down overt public incitement. By such proactive actions we could prevent 100's to 1000's of otherwise nominal US Muslims from becoming Jihadists. Removing the Jihadist imperative from a young man is much more difficult than preventing the brainwashing process in the first place.

Despite an ever-growing body of evidence, many individuals, groups, and nations continue to function as a propaganda machine deceiving much of the American public, academia, and even our government. The stakes are becoming too great to continue our naïve and gullible habits. A tolerant, welcoming nation has given Islam the benefit of the doubt, but too many have already proven unworthy of that hope and confidence. Many of those spewing the incorrect or incomplete propaganda are aware they are not telling the whole truth about Muhammad and Islam, knowing the purpose of the misinformation is to weaken our resolve and keep us from instigating effective counter-measures. Despite the continuing rivers of blood flowing all over the world, they want to calm our fears that Islam is not a violent religion and that Muhammad was not a terrorist, proclaiming he was a lover of peace. But history (recent and distant) speaks for itself, and it would be unwise for any to welcome the kind of peace that Muhammad and his modern day followers seek. Those that defend Islam, or try to portray it in only a positive light, are deliberately or ignorantly misleading us and causing us to be inadequately prepared for their next deadly strike. Even the Muslim terrorists who flew the planes into the NY towers would undoubtedly have declared that Islam was a religion of peace, and Muhammad was a benevolent, merciful leader. Someone saying something is true does not make it true, and that cause is not helped if a million or even a billion repeat the lie. Truth is truth, to the end of reckoning!

After Pearl Harbor and the tragic internment of Japanese-Americans, those same persecuted people sent their Sons in large numbers to join the fight in Europe against Hitler. Those volunteers were amongst the fiercest, bravest, and most loyal patriots to join the conflict, and none today question their (or their parents) loyalties. Through such contributions and actions they proved that the suspicion and paranoia was unjustly heaped upon the Japanese Americans. The jury is still out on whether the religious convictions and political leanings of the many large American Muslim communities justify the hope and brotherhood they have been offered in contrast. When we see the vast majority of American Muslim communities sacrificing for this country in like manner, then we should welcome those communities in full faith and welcome Islam into the great melting pot that is our nation. Think of what these individuals could accomplish in terms of penetrating and to bring down terrorist groups and all their supporters. I hereby render the invitation and challenge to American Muslims to become full partners in this war. An effective on-site intelligence section and a division or two of properly equipped, fierce, devoted, patriotic Muslim American men with social and language skills from the region would quickly penetrate and make short work of the kind of terrorists we are currently facing in Iraq and Afghanistan. But alas, I fear that is a dream based on pure fantasy. Please American Muslims, prove me wrong!

MSNBC Oct 23, 2003 — On Wednesday, NBC News reported on a man who helped the Pentagon develop the Islamic chaplains program for the U.S. armed forces, a man who was later stopped with hundreds of thousands of dollars in his possession — and some serious questions about his background. Now there is more, and if federal prosecutors are right, this is a man who moved from the shadowy world of terrorism to the centers of power in Washington and back again. Federal Prosecutors have indicted the founder of the Islamic chaplain program on charges he illegally dealt with Libya and laundered money. But there are even more serious allegations about him in some new documents. Abdurahman Alamoudi, a consultant to the Pentagon on the chaplain program for more than a decade, is now accused of helping Osama bin Laden and Hamas. Court documents filed late Wednesday night claim Alamoudi has provided "financial support to Hamas" and "financial support to fronts for al-Qaeda."

One of the groups allegedly tied to Alamoudi is a charity that gave a Virginia post office as its address. Alamoudi was the charity’s vice president. Who founded it? Abdullah bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s nephew. Also ringing alarms: Alamoudi’s Palm Pilot, which the government claims included the names and numbers of six designated global terrorists. Terrorism expert and NBC News analyst Steve Emerson said, "The public face of Mr. Alamoudi was 180 degrees different from the private face. And the private face clearly showed that he was involved or directed fund-raising for Hamas, fund-raising for other terrorist groups." The government also alleges Alamoudi had a Swiss bank account and $2.2 million in unreported income, on which he failed to pay taxes. …in an audiotape of a conversation obtained by NBC News, Alamoudi seems to embrace violence and suggests al-Qaida should choose better targets: (Translated) "I prefer to hit a Zionist target in America or Europe or elsewhere." Alamoudi’s lawyer said her client doesn’t remember saying such a thing and questioned the tape’s authenticity.

Over the years, Alamoudi has been a familiar face in Washington. Among other activities; the Pentagon chose him to help select Muslim chaplains. He met with President Clinton. He made six trips to Muslim nations as a goodwill ambassador for the State Department and even met with presidential candidate George W. Bush. Last year, FBI Director Robert Mueller even spoke to an organization founded by Alamoudi, over the objections of some agents. "Alamoudi himself was able not only to insinuate himself, but he put other people in place", according to Steve Emerson. These new allegations are contained in court documents arguing that Alamoudi should be held without bond until he goes on trial. There are already at least three investigations of the chaplain program Alamoudi helped develop that are under way. Some individual Muslim chaplains also are under scrutiny…

Reuters - Jun 25, 2004 SEATTLE - A National Guard soldier captured on videotape telling undercover agents posing as Muslim extremists how to cripple U.S. battle tanks declined to enter a plea at his arraignment on treason charges on Friday, the Army said. Specialist Ryan Anderson, a 26-year-old Muslim convert and gun rights advocate who was arrested last February as his unit prepared to ship out to Iraq, faces a court-martial beginning Aug. 16 at Ft. Lewis near Tacoma, Washington, where his unit is based. Anderson's charges -- attempting to give intelligence and other aid to two men he thought were al Qaeda operatives -- carry a maximum penalty of death, though Army officials said earlier this week they will not seek a death sentence in the case. Several accused al Qaeda abettors have been released in recent months for lack of evidence, including Brandon Mayfield, an Oregon lawyer and Muslim convert jailed for two weeks in May while officials tried to tie him to train bombings in Madrid, on March 11,which killed 191 people. Muslim Army chaplain Capt. James Yee, also based at Ft. Lewis, was accused of spying, mutiny, sedition, and aiding the enemy at Guantanamo, Cuba, but the Army dropped those charges in May.


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  2. Report in the San Ramon Valley Herald; quoted by Daniel Pipes in CAIR: Moderate Friends of Terror, New York Post, April 22, 2002.

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