Honor Related Violence (Switzerland)

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Swera, axed to death, May 10, 2010

The Zurich District Court found the father guilty of murder, and concluded that although it had not been an honour killing in the sense most commonly understood, the man had killed his daughter “to get out of a humiliating situation and to restore his honour”.

The court stated that the father, referred to as Scheragha R, had used “really excessive violence” and that he had killed his teenaged daughter with “reckless brutality”, newspaper Tages Anzieger reported.
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The murder took place on May 10th 2010, not long after 16-year-old Swera had been picked up at a Zurich police station by her parents. She had been caught stealing cigarettes.

It was the first time the girl had seen her father for two weeks: she had run away after her father had allegedly tried to electrocute her by throwing a hairdryer into the bath, online news site 20 Minuten reported.

Once back at their apartment Swera said she wanted to leave home permanently and started to pack a bag. She then went down to the basement of the building to get a pair of shoes. While she was gone, her father allegedly retrieved an axe from the balcony and hid it in the bedroom he shared with his wife.

Once she was back in the apartment, the girl went into her parents' bedroom to pick up some of her belongings. When she bent down to retrieve some items from the wardrobe, her father hit her with the axe on the back of the head, the prosecutor says. The man struck his daughter 19 times with the axe: 12 times with the blade and seven with the blunt end.

The teenager did not die instantly, but lay on the ground in agonizing pain for several minutes until her life finally slipped away.

After washing his hands, Scheragha R left the apartment and called his wife to say he had killed his daughter. Fifteen minutes later, he called the police, who arrested him shortly after near his apartment.
Father gets 17 years for killing daughter with axe
Lyssandra Sears, The Local, April 18, 2012

Woman, stabbed 29 times, April 2011

In april 2011, the accused appeared in front of the regional tribunal of Jura Bernois Seeland A Bienne. The accused must respond to accusations of murder leading to assassination. The crime was committed in Bienne at the home of the victim that was living separately from the accused, a Moroccan immigrant.

A conjugal conflict is the origin of the drama that most likely took place in the presence of the child of the couple, a 3 year old girl. The man called the police and showed no resistance during his arrest.

The prosecutor, Cindy Maeder, has demanded a sentence that includes 12 years of imprisonment. During his hearing the attorney from the public ministry estimated that the accused had not committed an assassination but a murder. She estimates that this gesture had not been premeditated.

In front of the tribunal, the accused explained that two elements were the origins of his gesture. First, the fact that his wife had made it seem that he would lose his authorization to stay in Switzerland in case of divorce. Also, the announcement that she had found somebody that was supporting her financially, from which he deduced that she had a lover.

The weapon used for the crime, a kitchen knife of 18 cm’s long, (7.1″) was found at the crime scene. the accused admitted to these facts and faces an anticipated execution of his sentence, (if he gets only 4 years he will be free 2 years from now) his defence lawyer traded ‘passionate murder’ specifying that his client was under pressure by the victim until he exploded.

He has requested that the sentence does not exceed 4 years of custody. If the five judges of the tribunal have to maintain the murder charge, he expects that the sentence be limited to no more than 7 and 1/2 years of imprisonment. The verdict is expected Thursday Morning.