Honor Related Violence (Spain)

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Julian Gomez, stabbed 12 times with a screwdriver, December 23, 2011

"My father[-in-law] has to kill me to clean his honor because I am a Christian and married his Muslim daughter." Julian Gomez-real name-he fears for his life and warns that his "death sentence" is signed if someone does not avoid it. With 24 years, his brother attacked him last Friday, about eight o'clock, with a screwdriver in the Bilbao neighborhood of Otxarkoaga. He repeatedly stabbed. It all started in the interior of your vehicle. "I could not take off my belt and when I got out of the car, threw me rolling downhill. There then followed the screwdriver fixing me. I owe my life to two neighbors who intervened, because if not, I'm dead now. "

Ilias J., 26, was arrested by Ertzaintza Irala in the neighborhood around noon. Within hours, however, was in the street by a decision of a judge. The regional police had previously warned of the potential danger of the offender, so that the prosecution requested remand. All to no avail. Ilias was free again and again to be dangerous, which soon demonstrated.

On Saturday, about 13:00, acted again, although with a different victim. This time assaulted the mother of his brother, who chooses the name of Begoña García for anonymity because he feels "much fear, panic." Also watching closely and attacked her when she was unprepared, inside your vehicle, which was double-parked. At that moment, he was preparing to make purchases at a local supermarket. "I took the car and dragged me down the asphalt, kicked me, scratched me with a punch breasts and waist and bit me. It hit me that I almost bite off a mouthful of meat, "he recalls.

The alarms went off. "After the second assault has increased risk obviously. Already on the first occasion, the prosecutor understood that there were grounds for custody, but the judge decided not well, "explains the chief prosecutor of the Court of Justice of the Basque Country. Juan Calparsoro notes that "what has been decreed is a measure of distance of 500 meters." Since then, Ilias is missing.

So Begoña Garcia is hurt and abandoned to their fate. "We have no protection, and have nothing. My son is panicked and is based tranquilizers. But the worst is that I have anger inside because the assailant released him without fulfilling even 72 hours regulations' regrets.

Garcia understands nothing. He confesses that he no longer believes in justice, and only ask: "What are you waiting the judge? What do you carry the reminder of my dead son? You know what it is to be stuck at home without going outside for fear, as if your prison? ».

For she has thrown away a golden opportunity. "This court has had on their hands when they tried to kill my son, and left him lose." What is sure is that Ilias Garcia "fulfill its mandate." Your child has the screwdriver stabbed seven times in the head, two in the front and three on the right arm. One of the shootings has affected "the nerve of the arm and no longer feels the elbow up."

For your child, everything is clear. The order to kill him from a former commander of the Chechen Army who fled to Spain last fifteen years. "My wife had to be married to a Muslim Chechnya. But the fact is that they have renounced their nationality and are currently Spanish, "he says.

Julian Gomez describes his father as a man "dominant, arrogant. Always do what you say. He is a dictator. And the boy is sent by his father to kill me. " Since August, this young man's life has changed completely Vizcaino has begun to miss work and fears the worst for him or for his young wife. "It's that we fear for our lives, because you can also go for my wife. So, if it's out of the way, for him or for me. They think that he is all settled. "